04 Ways to Make Passive Income on Pinterest

Pinterest is the platform that is praised for its ability to generate long-term traffic through the use of strategically crafted pins that go viral. While bloggers benefit from the additional traffic on their site, business owners can take the opportunity to make passive income using Pinterest vs. just benefitting from the additional traffic.

How do you make passive income using Pinterest? First, you’ll need to identify the different methods of earning passive income that you already utilize in your business. Figure out your offers, what you feel suits your audience, and even areas where you’re willing to adventure (such as sponsored posts and affiliate marketing). All of these are great ways of earning passive income on Pinterest.

Let’s cover the best methods I’ve found as a Pinterest marketer and strategist of earning passive income through Pinterest for business owners and service providers:

*If you’re curious about if you can ACTUALLY earn income using Pinterest, check out our other post covering how Pinterest Pays Me $5 a Day.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that you can market your affiliate links on Pinterest? Of course, only if the program itself allows it (check your terms and conditions). And, with more features launching on Pinterest, affiliate marketing is becoming an even smarter method of earning additional income through Pinterest.

Unlike selling a product or digital product on Pinterest, affiliate marketing involves simply creating a regular pin or idea pin and using your affiliate link instead of your website URL. If you’re wanting to go above and beyond you can create landing pages sharing additional information around the program you’re promoting to boost conversions.

Anytime you use an affiliate link ensure that you’re obviously marking it as an affiliate link and, if required, adding an affiliate disclaimer on your pin or in your pin description. Idea pins will naturally add it for you after adding the information in during pin creation. A great example is when you’re adding Amazon affiliate links to idea pins.

#2. Digital Products

While digital products don’t need to be your only method of earning passive income on Pinterest, they are the most popular thanks to their effectiveness. Digital products are the most lucrative way of earning passive income on Pinterest, but can sometimes take longer due to the price point or niched audience. k

Every online marketer will stress the importance of building an email list – I’m no different. You don’t own your socials, but you do own your email list!

Email lists are also amazing at generating leads and sales for your affiliates, digital products, courses, and more. It’s only natural that marketing your lead magnet on Pinterest help increase your passive income.

In fact, I even include marketing your lead magnet in my Post-it to Pin-it: 30 Days of Pinterest Content Kit!

#3. Digital ‘Mini’ Products

I know I mentioned that we wouldn’t be relying on digital products for passive income – but were not, they’re just one piece of the passive income puzzle!

Either way, we’re looking only at ‘Mini’ products or small offers. The digital products that require no thinking for the buy – typically, these are items that are less than $27.

#4. Website Ads

If you’re running your blog and only offering a few products, but your main goal is to really monetize passively, website ads might be just what you need. Quality ads require lots of traffic and I highly suggest using a premium company such as Mediavine rather than something like Adsense.

What does this have to do with Pinterest? Well, Pinterest is known for consistently driving high amounts of traffic to your website when used right! More traffic = more money! It also means you’ll qualify for premium companies quicker and earn more!

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