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The Review Blog Post SEO Content Kit is your all-inclusive breakdown for crafting the perfect tool or product review on your blog with ease. Created with business owners in mind, it’s a kit that makes blogging as done-for-you as blogging without getting it DFY.

The Review Blog Post SEO Content Kit


DIY Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Blogging and SEO don’t have to be hard just because you don’t have the budget to outsource (or maybe you just love writing, because I definitely do). And, thankfully, you don’t have to play the “will this work?” guessing game to get results.

The kits, templates, and guides in TCM’s shop break down and follow the same strategies I use for my clients — from the best places to find keywords and how to write high-value blog posts to the SEO strategies that work for your business.

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Real words from real customers


“Everything Mckayla teaches and creates is excellent, detailed, and comprehensive. You'll learn more than how to write a review blog. You'll also learn more about SEO, Google, and blog structuring.”

“My favorite part of learning from [Mckayla] is you always go back to the basics, which are arguably the most important part. You need a solid foundation to build from and benchmark, which she makes easy to create.”

“I could write [my blog post] with peace knowing I had a direction and guideline, often I just write blindly, and my post ends up being all over the place, but not with this kit. It helped me to write the whole post with ease.”

Jana, travel blogger

Erin, copywriter

Jasmine, brand strategist