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Let’s Get Right To It

You're here because you want your business to be seen, clicked, and chosen — not lost in the sea of other options or overlooked because you're simply too busy doing all the things to focus on something like SEO. I get it.

You also know that blogging and SEO are two of the most important and impactful investments you can make in your business (and if you didn't know, now you do). However, let's be real — who has the time to spend hours researching, writing, editing, and optimizing blog posts or working behind the scenes to improve SEO?

It takes the average person 4 hours to write a single blog post, and that doesn't include anything other than the writing portion. That's where I come in. When you partner with me, not only do you get tens of hours of your precious time back, but you can also rest easy knowing your content is in the hands of a pro (yep, that's me).

The answer is yes, if...

Am I The Right Blog Writer and SEO Strategist For You?

You know the value of blogs, but you don’t want to write them yourself

SEO is important to you, but you’re not sure where to start

You want an additional way to increase visibility and engagement

You know your vision and have clear goals

How hands-off the entire process is

Here’s What People Love Most About Working Together

— I truly take 99% of it off your plate. All I need from you is a quick review and approval (yes, it's that simple).

My uncanny ability to capture your unique brand voice

— It's not unusual for clients to say, "It's like I wrote this myself...but better" (call me a content chameleon).

The amount of time they save

— Blogging and SEO are time-sucks, especially if they’re not your area of expertise (handing them off to someone like me is like getting days of your
life back).

The impressive ROI

— Let's not beat around the bush, people love seeing results (think more clicks, conversions, and sales).

maliquea Starnes

"I had the freedom to think creatively in my business again"

“Working with McKayla has allowed me the mental spaciousness and freedom to think creatively in my business again. Before I started working with McKayla, trying to think of content for my blog felt very forced, and I felt like the things I wanted to share on my blog "didn't make sense," but McKayla was able to take my long-term goals and break them down into an attainable roadmap and offered blog post ideas that were so aligned with my overall vision!”

kaili meyers

"The best part of my experience with Mckayla was how easy and simple everything is."

"Working with McKayla is the best! She's so kind, understanding, and receptive. I never feel like I have to micro-manage her and I fully trust that she's getting everything done and done well! Together, Mckayla and I were finally able to start my blog and commit to consistent high-quality content!  If you’re on the hunt for a blog content writer, Mckayla is your person! She spends so much time looking through your previous content, pulling out golden nuggets, and writing blog posts that sound exactly like you."

pamela krista

"She knows sEO inside and out and truly cares about what she does"

"The most positive change is that this has been taken off my plate and I've felt like I don't need to be on IG! I chose to work with Mckayla because she knows her stuff. She knows SEO inside and out and she truly cares about what she does and goes DEEP into the analytics. Since working with her, I've had two people tell me they found me from Google and both of those people signed with me as clients! I really needed someone who knew how to just take over and that is exactly what Mckayla did!!!"

Take what you need, mama

Select Your Service


Quarterly Blog Content

I’ll research, write, edit, and publish SEO-optimized blogs while you do anything else. Choose from 12, 24, or 36 blogs — whatever your business needs — and I’ll do the rest. This service is perfect for the brand or business looking to scale sustainably, engage new leads, and gain consistent visibility.

  • Packages come with 12, 24, or 36 blogs
  • 3- and 6-month performance check-ins to tweak and refine strategy
  • Includes research, writing, editing, optimizing, and publishing
  • Stats and analytics tracking and reporting (page views, keyword ranks, subscribers)

Starting Investment: $2400

*Requires a 3-month minimum commitment — starting investment reflects the price for 12 blogs spaced out over 3 months


SEO or Blogging Intensive

Have a few SEO or blog-related questions but not sure who to turn to? These one-hour, pick-my-brain style intensives were made for this exact reason! Bring your questions, and I’ll bring my answers (and if it’s relevant, you’ll leave with an action plan you can implement ASAP).

Investment: $197


SEO Audit

Does your website need an SEO facelift ASAP? This comprehensive audit has you covered with an in-depth performance check-in and customized recommendations.

"We clarified how I talk about my services"

"Mckayla helped demystify the process of creating SEO-optimized titles, headings, and meta descriptions for my web pages. She also helped me clarify how I talk about my services so that people who need them can find them online. Finally, she gave me an overview of the process she uses to find meaningful SEO-friendly phrases that aptly describe offers. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, Mckayla!"

willow paule,  content repurposer 

"I finally launched my blog I was avoiding for months"

"Our call took me from confused and disorganized to energized and focused. I left our call with the confidence to launch my blog that I had been sitting on for 4 months. Mckayla was able to get to the bottom of my current roadblocks. She offered actionable solutions I was able to immediately implement to solve my issues and move forward. "

Jana Soli, organic marketing strategist

"I can't recommend her enough!"

“Mckayla has done my blog SEO for the past 6+ months and I've loved working with her! She's been so easy to work with, consistent, and has helped increase blog traffic! Can't recommend her enough!!” 

Calea shae, hormone health coach

the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but happy customers.


FREE Guide: 6 Simple Steps For Better SEO

Want to improve your website SEO in one afternoon? This free resource offers 6 actionable steps you can take in 15 minutes or less to instantly improve your SEO.




How long does it take to start seeing SEO results?

While I can't give you a concrete answer, as it depends on various factors, we typically start seeing movement around the 3-6 month mark with major changes happening between 9 and 12 months.

What’s better, long-tail or traditional keywords?

Of course everyone wants to rank for super popular keywords, but that’s the issue — everyone’s doing it. Meaning, we will have more success focusing on long-tail keywords instead.

Does blogging impact SEO?

Ready for a shocking-but-true statistic? Blogging increases your chances of ranking on Google by 434%. FOUR-HUNDRED AND THIRTY PERCENT. If that’s not enough to convince you, I don’t
know what would be.