Toddler mom. Pinterest Manager. Content Creator. Soon to be mom of two!

My journey to being a work from home mom started as you would think - when I discovered I was going to be a mom! 
Back in 2018, I discovered I was pregnant with my son, Carson... I was working three jobs, going to school full-time, and trying to find a house for my boyfriend (now husband) and I.
If you weren't familiar, one of the most expensive things about having a child is childcare... So after taking a few online writing jobs here and there, I got my first REAL opportunity to do marketing for a company - introducing me to my love of Pinterest!
From there, I created my own business The Comma Mama Co. and have been helping fellow work from home moms and women entrepreneurs in creating a better way to market without investing thousands or having to spend hours on one platform (looking at you Instagram).
My goal is to help women live their dream without being stuck in a 9 to 5! Happy Pinning!

- Camille Souliere, Branding and Website Designer

“I HIGHLY recommend Mckayla! She has helped bring my brand to life through Pinterest and I seriously can’t thank her enough. Super professional, amazing turn around time and is super lovely to connect with”