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New-school marketing teaches social media - like Instagram, Tiktok, & Twitter - are the way to go to build your brand and bring your business to the big leagues. It's not wrong, but it's also not right. 

Short-term social media marketing is great to get your name out there, but is not sustainable after achieving your desired workload and, just as quickly as you achieved social media success, you can lose it. 

Instead of SMM, we focus on SEO: search engine optimization via strategically crafted content and marketing on targeted platforms, like Pinterest, where your content lasts more than a few days. 

You don't have time to keep chasing leads, DM'ing new followers, and trying to go viral via funny videos

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"I'm blown away with her ability to create phenomenal content for my blog that reflects my brand a personality."

She never fails to amaze me and my team. We are honored to say we've worked with her (and still are) on a regular basis. 
She's quick, efficient and really knows what she's doing. I've had bad mix of individuals help me with my blog posts and she has exceeded my expectations and has taken the load off of my place. 
If you're on the fence, don't be! You'll wish you had worked with her sooner! Keep up the good work Mckayla!

- Alyssa Lang

"She was approachable, on time and true to her word."

Mckayla was incredible to work with and has a way with words that make It so dreamy! She wrote blogs for me to help me move up in SEO on Pinterest to increase my engagement and it worked. She was approachable, on time and true to her word. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Jessica Doman

So easy to work with, consistent, and has helped increase blog traffic! 

Mckayla has done my blog SEO for the past 6+ months and I've loved working with her! She's been so easy to work with, consistent, and has helped increase blog traffic! Can't recommend her enough!!

- Calee Shea

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SEO is the strategy to generating traffic long-term, even on those days where you can't get to your computer to go live, make a post on instagram, or even send an email. navigate our services or check out the library to learn more.

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