Entrepreneur learning how to sell digital products on Pinterest to build additional streams of revenue.

How to Sell & Promote Digital Products on Pinterest

July 23, 2021

A key element to generating long-term income online is digital products. It’s one of the main ways that an entrepreneur can diversify their income – which is key to establishing a profitable business that doesn’t require us to work 24/7 (the downside of being self-employed). Luckily, one of the best ways to generate passive income is to create low-ticket and high-ticket digital products and promote these digital products on Pinterest.

Pinterest gives service providers with digital products the opportunity to make sales on auto-pilot (aka passive income) and to simply “drop-and-go” your product. Essentially, besides maintaining your Pinterest account with the best Pinterest marketing practices, you have to do the bare minimum to successfully launch your product on Pinterest and you’re good to go!

Additionally, this method applies to lead magnets as well and growing your email list – not just selling on Pinterest.

How to Sell and Promote Digital Products on Pinterest

You can sell and promote digital products on Pinterest by pinning them – although that does seem like an oversimplified answer. Successfully selling your digital products on Pinterest involves setting up your Pinterest account successfully, pinning regularly, and utilizing keywords to help your pins show up in Pinterest search.

Other methods can include promoted pins or ads, pinning to group boards, and using Idea pins to promote your offers both with visibility and, if your account has early access or full access to the feature, linking your offer directly with your Idea pin.

Primarily, as long as your digital product is complete and has a clear audience for who it serves, your main focus should be on your pin – both your pin design and details. Here are a few examples of some client pins and my own that have shown good results for promoting digital products on Pinterest:

Pinterest digital product pin examples to help explain how to sell digital products on Pinterest.

When promoting pins on Pinterest (paying for ads), you can choose to run a campaign or promote your pin. Recommend daily budget is around $5 for those looking to stick to a low-cost budget, higher budgets should look at $15 – $35 per day and test a few variations of the pin and details.

Pinterest ads for digital products won’t show accurate results until around three weeks. Keep this in mind when setting your budget and making your marketing plans. Additionally, carefully watch your ads for sudden changes or spikes to help identify where you can improve or which pins are performing better and why.

What are the Best Digital Products to Promote on Pinterest?

Not every digital product is going to get the same momentum or sales in every niche or on every platform – the same goes for pricing your offers. Remember that your target audience may not be on Pinterest, or at least not the ones that are ready to shop, just the ones that are ready to learn. That’s not to say your Pinterest audience will never be ready to buy – you just need to learn how to target that portion of your audience on Pinterest.

Hint: It has a lot to do with your keywords and wording for your entire account.

As a Pinterest Strategist and Marketer, I’ve worked with quite a few service providers over the past 4+ years, and let’s just say that some common types of digital products are easier to promote than others. Here are a few digital products I recommend promoting on Pinterest:

#1. Ebooks

Ebook Template Example from Pixistock

Ebooks are one of the most cost-efficient methods of developing a digital product to sell on Pinterest. Thanks to this, you can typically create and offer an ebook as your tripwire start – a way to build authority, generate new leads, and establish yourself as an expert in your field with low effort but some payout.

Ebook templates can be found on public markets such as Canva, Creative Market, Etsy, and more. My personal favorite to find ebook templates is Pixistock, a Stock Photo, Template, and Educational site for entrepreneurs.

Canva Ebook Template | The Comma Mama Co.

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#2. Online Course or Mini-Course

Online course examples for high-ticket digital products to sell on Pinterest as a service provider.

Courses are great sources of passive income and a good digital product to market on Pinterest. Courses can be low-ticket offers tackling smaller educational purposes or become high-ticket digital products for service providers.

The downside of courses is they typically have high upstart and maintenance costs. Additionally, it’s likely that you’ll need to invest resources for design and continue to update your course monthly to stay up to date with best practices (depending on topic).

Thousands of platforms exist online to help you build and create courses to serve your audience. While I personally use Thrivecart to host my Pinterest course, I recommend shopping around and comparing features along with expenses before choosing your course platform.

#3. Masterclasses and Workshops

Examples of Pinterest Pins leading to a paid or free masterclass from service providers.

Although not my personal favorite to deliver information – I might actually enjoy the audio masterclass though – Masterclasses and workshops are very popular methods of delivering information to your audience. While masterclasses and workshops are great ever-green lead magnets for you to market on Pinterest, you can make them paid and promote them on Pinterest.

Masterclasses are typically one-off, up to an hour-long, and lead into a paid program that is pitched at the end. Workshops (although the terms are almost completely interchangeable) are multiple or single days and typically provide tasks for you to complete during or after.

Audio masterclasses and workshops are delivered in podcast form, but with an exclusive aspect. Basically, just audio – no video – as the title suggests.

#4. Templates

Template examples from Pixistock.

In recent years, Canva has made it extremely easy to start selling digital templates online. I actually do it myself through membership and through my Etsy shop. Templates are able to be created in many ways – website templates (like Showit, or WordPress), marketing templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even templates to use for your client processes, pricing guides, and more.

And, even if you’re not inclined to create a shop on your website for your templates, you can use Etsy! Etsy is a certified Pinterest partner and you can link your shop to your Pinterest account to effectively track your marketing statistics.

#5. Printables

Planner printable example of product to sell on Pinterest.

Printables are an easy alternative to templates! While templates are digital for all, printable files are digital for you to sell – but the buyer downloads and prints themselves for use. Printables can come in the form of coloring pages, planners, trackers, checklist, etc.

Printables are typically low-cost to create and sell, but also sell for a lower cost thanks to their format. They’re also not suitable for every niche, as it wouldn’t make sense for some audiences or topics.

Can You Sell on Pinterest? Yes, You Can.

Pinterest is what I would consider the #1 platform to sell and market your digital products for passive income. While it can take a while to gain traction – Pinterest is a search engine – Pinterest is the best way to generate online sales long-term for digital products and service providers.

The best part of Pinterest, and the key to long-term sales, is that your pin doesn’t “expire” or fall down the feed as new pins are created. Pins can last for months and even years, getting traffic and sales for you long after you’ve forgotten they existed. Even pins that you promote still benefit from the saves even after you’ve stopped promoting it.

One of the first things we identify when working 1:1 for Pinterest is identifying your opportunities to market your digital products, services, and lead magnets. Book a call to get started.

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