5 Digital Products to Promote on Pinterest

Have you ever heard the phrase “the key to passive income is digital products?” well, it’s true.

Digital products are one of the best ways to make long-term passive income as a blogger or online business owner and what’s even better? They’re perfect to market on Pinterest.

Pinterest has the capacity to make sales on auto-pilot (aka passive income) and allow you to ‘drop-and-go your product. Essentially, you just have to do the bare minimum of successfully launching your product on Pinterest and you’re good to go.

Pssst… this also works if you use them as a lead magnet! One pin of mine has accrued over 200 subscribers in just one month!

What are the Best Digital Products to Promote on Pinterest?

Past client product pin – www.erincafferty.com

Not every digital product is going to get the same momentum or sales in every niche or on every platform – for example, Pinterest is not the place for high-ticket items.

You want a digital product that offers just the right amount of information at just the right price point.

There are a few products that have been just as successful in every niche on Pinterest, so those are what I’m going to focus on:

#1. Ebooks

Yes, there are thousands of ebooks out there – but they’re extremely easy to distribute as well as create. Plus, you can create an ebook no matter what your niche is!

#2. Online Course

Another great option for every niche that has something to teach (or walkthrough)! Online courses are a little bit harder to create as they typically require a host such as Kartra or a plug-in like Learndash. Still, they’re great options for long-term passive income.

#3. Instructional Videos/Masterclasses

Not a personal favorite because I’m not one for a video, but instructional videos and masterclasses are extremely popular. They offer more of the one-on-one connection versus just learning from a screen.

#4. Templates & Printables

Even if you’re not great at graphic design, you can give creating templates or printables a try! Templates don’t necessarily have to be graphics, they can be written templates such as emails, captions, or memes.

#5. Online Kits

Online kits are a couple of small digital products piled together to create one – typically, it involves an ebook + instructional video along with a set of related templates. These are popular due to their all-in-one capacity for users.

Promoting Digital Products on Pinterest

Pinterest is what I would consider the #1 platform to sell digital products on auto-pilot and earn $$$ passively. Make the perfect pin and you’re good to go (assuming your profile is set up correctly).

Best part is, your pin can last for months – even years – getting traffic and sales for you long after you’ve forgotten it existed.

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Are you ready to start earning passive income from Pinterest? Here's five digital products that you can make to start selling on Pinterest and scale your online business.
Are you ready to start earning passive income from Pinterest? Here's five digital products that you can make to start selling on Pinterest and scale your online business.

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