Pinterest Marketing for Lifestyle & DIY Bloggers: Case Study

October 21, 2021

20,000+ new followers, 2,500+ link clicks, and 500,000+ monthly viewers later – lifestyle and DIY blogger Stephanie Hanna was a pre-established blogger looking to jumpstart their stagnant growth on Pinterest, and that’s exactly what we did. 

At the beginning of April of 2021, Stephanie reached out to me through Instagram looking for a Pinterest Manager. In May of 2021, we started the first month of management. Six months later, we’re looking back on the growth and the accomplishments during that time. 

Between May and October of 2021, Stephanie was able to work with brands such as Aldi’s, Welches Fruit Snacks, Walmart, Grove Collaborative, in addition to becoming Michael’s Maker and a feature in Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Special.

Let’s break it down:

How We Shared the Her Content on Pinterest

If you’ve ever been on a call with me, one of the key points I cover is that every niche grows differently, DIYer’s and lifestyle bloggers are a thriving niche on Pinterest if they’re creating consistent content that their users are interested in.

The first two months she experienced slow growth as she was not producing new blog posts and DIY’s for her audience (and me) for Pinterest. During month three, she began taking on new projects and doing more DIYs – essentially setting us up to skyrocket in growth. 

Lifestyle and DIY blogger Stephanie Hanna Pinterest profile.

Stephanie had an additional platform that we were driving significant traffic to, Instagram (@stephaniehannablog). While we were creating fresh pins for each new and old blog post, we were also pinning directly from Instagram and encouraging Pinterest users to follow her account.

The Pinterest Strategy for Lifestyle Bloggers

For all my clients, I use Tailwind to schedule both video and standard static pins for Pinterest. On Stephanie’s account, we were pinning an average of 13 pins per day. These pins were a combination of new blog post pins, old blog posts with new pins, and recent Instagram posts + reels. 

Additionally, we posted an average of 1-2 Idea pins per week based on recent reels, DIY blog posts, and celebration/party idea blog posts. This is where we generated a lot of followers.

For each link, there were around five to seven designed graphics in addition to the high-quality photos that were available in the blog post. 

The Design for Lifestyle Pins

From my experience, I’ve noticed that bloggers and DIYers thrive on Pinterest when the templates are kept simple. Since they’re not designers, it is less about aesthetically pleasing (although that’s a bonus) and more about making sure what they’ve created is front and center.

For the idea pins, we mainly used a simple font and text background over the image (simple text overlay style pins) in the standard Idea pin image size:

Idea pins from Stephanie Hanna's Pinterest Account

We kept her standard pins clean, minimal, and light – keeping true to her boho DIY ideas and muted pastel website, we used a similar color palette for the pins:

Standard pin designs from Stephanie Hanna's Pinterest account

Bloggers typically have the freedom to branch from their branding without losing followers or brand awareness making it easier to create functional, but still aesthetically pleasing pin designs.

The Results of Our Pinterest Strategy

The numbers at the beginning are probably 90% of the reason you’ve made it this far, and I’m not going to disappoint – so let’s break it down:

Over the course of our time working together, Stephanie Hanna experienced,

  • An additional growth of 20,000 Instagram followers
  • 1.2k New Pinterest followers
  • Increase of 3,000 new outbound link clicks per month
  • Feature in Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Ideas Magazine
  • Sponsorships from Walmart, Aldi, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, & Grove Collaborative
  • Featured as a Michael’s Maker

You can see the numbers:

LIfestyle and DIY blogger Stephanie Hanna's Pinterest analytics.

In standard Pinterest analytics, we had a growth of

  • 52% in impressions
  • 74% in engagements
  • 33% in total audience
  • 57% in engaged audience

As pins continue to rank and SEO efforts pay off, her account will continue to grow and drive consistent traffic to her site.

What’s Next?

I can’t wait to see how Stephanie’s account will continue to grow now that she has a strong base on Pinterest. And, with her activity on Instagram and her frequent blog posts, she has no problem creating fresh content – which Pinterest LOVES.

If you’d like to follow Stephanie on Pinterest, you can do so here.

Interested in marketing your blog and brand on Pinterest? Sign up for our Pinterest Management today!

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