Your Amazon Affiliate Links Are Now Allowed On Pinterest – Here’s What You Need to Know

Did you see the update that happened on October 20th, 2021? Pinterest is now allowing Amazon Affiliate links on your pins!

In the past, Amazon would NOT allow you to use your affiliate links on Pinterest in regular, static, video, or carousel pins. It was against their terms and conditions and if you used them, you would get suspended from their program and your purchases would not be considered “qualifying purchases” – this causes a LOT of headache for beginner bloggers whose main affiliate program was Amazon. Not anymore!

This new Pinterest update allows users to skip over the past instances of favoritism to established bloggers/marketers and monetize as beginners – similar to how Instagram is now allowing EVERYONE to have the link sticker for stories.

Here’s HOW to add your Amazon Affiliate link to your Pinterest Idea pins:

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your Pinterest Idea Pins

Before I could put this post together, I had to play around with adding your affiliate links on Pinterest – otherwise, I would have never known how annoying it was to copy/paste such a long link. The easiest way I’ve found to get the links for products is by getting my usual Amazon affiliate link and sending it to myself via Facebook messenger. Then I simply copy and paste when adding my affiliates later on during pin creation.

Here’s the breakdown of adding Amazon Affiliate links to Pinterest:

How to add your Amazon affiliate links to your Pinterest Idea pins.

You can watch a short tutorial over on my Instagram here.

While this is only one way of monetizing on Pinterest, this is a huge step towards getting paid to create content on their platform without being a widely known creator. Who knows, maybe they’ll take steps similar to tiktok and youtube and provide a creator fund for users – what do you think?

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