5 Reasons You Need a Pinterest Business Account

You might still be in that internal debate of whether or not your business needs a Pinterest account, and that’s fine. But, if you’re already on Pinterest (as yourself or your biz) you’d be suprised what kinda of benefits you can get from having a Pinterest Business Account.

The Pinterest Business Account is just one of their many features encouraging business owners to market their services or products on their platform, benefitting both you and them.

It’s just one of those things you didn’t know you were missing out on until you finally join – and you should finally join, it’ll not only make the world of a difference in your marketing plan, but it’ll allow you to get a little insight on the content you should create and how you can sell it!

Here’s the top five reasons you need a Pinterest Business Account in 2021:

#1. Convert & Conversate with Users

Sneak peek at the direct messaging feature for business accounts!

Pinterest is no longer just a way to drive traffic to your site or products, you can now communicate directly with your followers! More conversations = more conversions.

#2. Follow the Latest Trends

Pinterest trends screenshot from a pinterest business account.
Easy access top trends and pinterest predicts! Use the search bar to get trends relating to your audience or content.

With a Pinterest Business Account, you don’t have to take a shot in the dark to find out what content you should make next. Pinterest trends show you the latest and greatest trends and searches on Pinterest to help you plan your next move!

#3. Access Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics dashboard.
Backend analytics screenshot on a brand new Pinterest Business account.

Even if you’re not planning on being extremely active on Pinterest, once you claim your site you’ll be able to see traffic driven through Pinterest – even if you’re not the one pinning your content!

#4. Free & Paid Traffic

Ad campaign creation screenshot in a Pinterest Business Account.
Look at the creation of an ad campaign for a Pinterest Account.

I always love talking about the free traffic and growth you can generate on Pinterest, but you can also invest in ads to increase your link clicks and community! Quick tip: boost your lead magnets to generate more long-term sales!

#5. Verify & Claim Your Accounts

Claimed accounts in Pinterest settings screenshot.
Claim or verify your accounts to get accurate analytics on Pinterest.

With your business account, you’re capable of verifying and claiming your accounts such as your website, Instagram, Etsy, and Shopify! This will allow you to accurately track your traffic analytics while also increasing your brand awareness as anything linking to these profiles across Pinterest will automatically be attributed to you!

If you haven’t already, go ahead and follow me on Pinterest for more awesome tips and tricks!

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