Is Pinterest for Youtubers? Here’s What You Need to Know:

April 16, 2022

Pinterest marketing is common amongst online businesses and bloggers – but what about podcasters, influencers, or Youtubers? Anyone in the online space might suggest Instagram as your go-to social media marketing platform, but I’m here to share that you might want to expand your search – especially if you’re a Youtuber. Pinterest for Youtubers offers this huge platform for organic, long-term marketing, particularly in a way that helps you generate new subscribers, increase views, and create a profitable Youtube channel.

You’ll notice that I don’t mention niches in this article, that’s because I have seen different niches perform amazing across the platform. This article is to determine if YOUTUBE content does well in general.

With the decline of Instagram’s value on Pinterest – we can dive into that another day – Pinterest has begun to add value to Youtube and claimed domain links, both of which are easy to monetize and maintain. Here’s what you need to know as a Youtuber interested in marketing your videos on Pinterest:

Is Pinterest for Youtubers?

Yes. Pinterest is for Youtubers. When setting up your Pinterest business account, you’ll notice that there is a section in your settings that allows you to “claim” certain accounts – aka connect these accounts to your Pinterest. One of the accounts that Pinterest allows you to claim is Youtube.

YouTubers can then track their links on Pinterest in their Pinterest analytics dashboard. You can track Pinterest users that are viewing your pins, engaging with your pins, and clicking through your pins to your Youtube account or Youtube video. What does this mean? It means that Pinterest is not only accepting of Youtubers on the platform but encouraging them to start pinning!

Do I Need a Website to Pin as a Youtuber?

For Pinterest, I typically recommend having your own website and domain. This makes content creation easier, provides fresh URLs, and allows you to have a diverse platform to pin from. As a Youtuber – especially a busy Youtuber – you might not have time to manage a website in addition to your Youtube channel, and that’s okay. You do NOT need a website to get started on Pinterest as a Youtuber.

Pinterest for Youtubers can function solely on the content that you create on your channel if you’re keeping a consistent stream. For Pinterest purposes, I recommend posting at least one new video per week. This keeps fresh content and fresh links for your Pinterest account to recognize and rank.

How to Share a Youtube Video on Pinterest:

So now that you’re sure that Pinterest is for Youtubers – how do you share your Youtube videos on Pinterest? Pinterest recommends using graphics for pins that are at least 1000px by 1500px with a ratio of 2:3 and have a vertical nature. This rule still applies to pins that link to Youtube videos.

Here’s how you can share your Youtube videos on Pinterest:

  1. Create a graphic for your Youtube video. Resizing your Youtube cover image or choosing a set of Pinterest templates that match your brand is ideal.
  2. Match your text to that of your video. Switch your template to match your video title. This ensures your audience knows what your video is about.
  3. Pin your graphic on Pinterest. You can do this by using a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind, or pinning directly on the platform. The URL should be your video’s URL.

What Type of Content Should I Pin on Pinterest for My Youtube Channel?

Pinterest loves all types of content – static pins, video pins, carousel pins, and Idea pins are all combinations of different types of content. You should aim to pin a little bit of each until you learn what your audience likes best. You can create your content by pulling from your current Youtube graphics, and images related to your Youtube video, and by pulling directly from your video as a clip or “sneak” of its contents.

The same type of content won’t perform as well each time which is why I recommend testing the different types/styles for at least 45 days before significantly switching up your Pinterest strategy.

Should I Use Pinterest Marketing as a Youtuber?

109% increase in traffic sent to Youtube for a client after three months.

Yes – if you are able to keep up with a regular content production schedule. Just like other aspects of your blog or business, Pinterest requires consistency, which requires fresh content. If you are not able to commit to creating fresh content each week, I recommend holding off on Pinterest marketing. If you can commit, go for it! Pinterest is known for viral pins and traffic that doesn’t stop once it starts going!

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