How to Launch Your Digital Product on Pinterest

March 9, 2021

How to launch your digital product on Pinterest:

Step #1: Make a digital product.

Before you can launch or even market your digital product on Pinterest, you have to actually have a digital product – or at least one in progress!

If you don’t know where to start, I highly suggest following Hannah Johnson’s Digital Product Checklist and Profitable Product Lab! It is WORTH the investment.

After that, launching it on Pinterest is EASY. In my first week on pinning content related to my product on Pinterest, I made 5 sales in 5 days (JUST from Pinterest, )and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING for them)! Here’s what you need to do:

📌 HEADS UP: If you’re just getting started on Pinterest, I highly suggest checking out my free Pinterest Starter checklist that takes you step by step through setting up and optimizing your Pinterest account to start pinning successfully! You can download it here.

#1: Create a Dedicated Pinterest Board

Pro-tip: Create a dedicated board for your product!

You board title should be related to the title of your product and, if you have room, add in what your product offers or the problem it solves! This where you’ll pin anything and everything related to your product including instagram posts, podcast mentions, videos, etc!

After you’ve successfully launched your product, you can change the board to something keyword savvy and related to the problem your product solves to keep it up to date and relevant.

#2: Start a waitlist, then PIN it.

Before I launched my 30 Day Pinterest Content Kit, I started a waitlist! Now, I don’t know how much you know about me, but I absolutely HATE doing lives, videos, webinars, reels, etc. So, the only place I actually marketed my waitlist was once on Insta, once to my email list, and the rest was on Pinterest.

Wanna know how it turned out? 7% conversion rate!

I made three pins marketing my waitlist, pinned them to related boards, and voila! Subscribers to my waitlist which converted to sales.

#3: Make a lead magnet, PIN it.

Every launch coach will tell you – it never hurts to have a related lead magnet. Well, I’m going to tell you the same thing! Make. That. Lead. Magnet.


But, we’re gonna do something a bit different. You’re going to deliver the lead magnet via email (as you should) BUT you’re going to then redirect the page to a page relating to your paid product or the waitlist (if it’s pre-launch).

Trust me, it works. Just don’t be sleazy about it!

#4: Create Product Pins

These are the pins that are going to drive long-term traffic and sales. They’re the ones you’re going to want to go viral – which you can learn more about in How to Create a Viral Pin on Pinterest.

Product pins can be directly advertising the product such as the one shown above, OR you can market the problem they solve or solution they offer!

#5: Keep a Consistent Pinning Schedule

One of the main reasons I created the 30 Day Content Kit aka Post-it to Pin-in was to get pinners into the habit of pinning their content daily (without having to rush a pin together).

To be successful on Pinterest, you have pin constantly and consistently while also continuing to pin new graphics!

Your schedule should also adapt the longer you’re on the platform and the more content you produce for your business/website! Both come into play when determining when to pin, how to pin, and even what to pin.

Ready to launch your business on Pinterest? Check out Post-it to Pin-it: the 30 Day guide to Successfully launching your Biz on Pinterest!

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