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07 Fall Fonts on Canva

September 12, 2022




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Canva is one of my absolute favorite low-cost design programs right now – particularly because it’s easy to understand and use, without a degree in graphic design. Although some features are locked behind a paid membership, Canva Pro is only $12, and some change each month (compared to $31 for Adobe Illustrator). Canva is also ideal for designing tees, marketing graphics, svgs, and pretty much anything under the sun if you’re creative enough. That’s why I find it fun to create these little lists of my favorite fonts to use in Canva for different purposes. Today’s goal is to cover some of my favorite fall fonts on Canva.

If you’re looking for fonts that are a bit spookier or more for Halloween, check out my top five fonts on Canva to use this Halloween.

Heads up: I use affiliate links for my fave products. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Check out my full disclosure and privacy policy here.

Why Fonts Matter on Canva for Fall

Your fonts matter for each season, and while most fonts can carry across the seasons depending on what you’re writing and how you’re styling them, it’s always useful to have fonts that match the season’s “vibe” or general aesthetic. Plus, Canva has hundreds of fonts available for both paid and free members. Simple lists like this one make finding fonts much easier for business owners and designers (and I’m all about saving time and making life easier). That said, let’s get started:

#1. Bimbo

Bimbo handwriting fall font on canva

Bimbo is one of my favorite handwriting fonts for fall on Canva. It’s a lot of fun to work with, although the font size runs a little bit small in comparison to most other fonts. Be careful with working with Bimbo if writing multiple lines of text. Sometimes the font can give the appearance of being crooked or uneven thanks to its unique design.

#2. Ahsing

Ahsing display font in Canva

In comparison to Bimbo, Ahsing is a great font to stack for fall. This display font is a unique design that gives a retro-modern vibe that I find absolutely perfect for fall! Ahsing is also relatively easy to read and a great choice when you don’t want a script style font nor do you want a traditional font.

#3. Apricots

Apricots fall font to use this year in canva

Apricots is probably one of the most popular fonts on Canva for design. Apricots is a perfect easy-to-read handwriting font perfect for both spring and fall (and sometimes summer). It’s not a great font to stack unless you’re playing around with placement. Still, it’s a great font to pair with a standard typeface.

#4. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar fall font to use in Canva

Brown Sugar is a personal favorite. I highly recommend utilizing it this fall and even winter when you’re going for a more modern and clean look. I haven’t found any fonts that fit perfecting with Brown Sugar for a good pairing, but it’s a great standalone for this autumn.

#5. Joshico

Joshico handwriting and script font to use in Canva for autumn

I like to consider Joshico a fancier version of Apricots. Both are great fonts for fall on Canva, but I think Joshico adds a great change in the mix vs. the overuse of Apricots. Plus, I really wanted to find a font that suiting “oh my gourd!” and this one was the one.

#6. Donau

Donau display font for fall in Canva

In a change of aesthetic, Donau is a little bit different when compared to the previously mentioned display fonts. Donau is a simple and easy-to-read option when you don’t want a font that is hard to read or just a little bit “extra” on the design side.

#7. Howell

Howell fall font for canva

The cleanest amongst the script and handwriting styles of fall fonts on Canva mentioned today, Howell is a very clean, minimal script to use in your designs. Plus, once you get used to working with Howell, it’s a great font for holidays and other seasonal events.

Honorable Mentions: Fall Fonts for Canva on Etsy

I don’t limit myself to just fonts found on Canva, occasionally I like to splurge on seasonal fonts found on Etsy! Here are my two favorite fall fonts found on Etsy you can use this year:

Fall custom font from KAfontdesigns to use in Canva.
Fall custom font from KAfontdesigns to use in Canva.

The two fonts I love are Crisp Leaves from KAfontdesigns and Fall Harvest also from KAfontdesigns.

Since these fonts are not native to Canva, you will have to download them from Etsy after purchase and reupload into your brand kit to use. Before using for commercial or resell purposes, please consult their listings and usage details.

Other Canva Fonts for Businesses:

Looking for more fonts to use in your designs for your marketing and business graphics? Check out our other Canva collections:


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