The Blog VIP Week

Get SIX SEO-OPTIMIZED BLOG POSTS RESEARCHED, WRITTEN, AND DELIVERED TO YOU IN just 5 days. here's to more clarity,  conversations, and content that converts.

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Are you looking for more ways to show up, stand out, and get your content to do the hard work for you? Because this is right up your alley.

You’re already confident in your offers, you know exactly what needs to happen to get your client’s results (and do a damn good job at it), and now you’re craving a new (maybe better?) way to share your knowledge and connect with your clients, customers, and community while you’re “off-the-clock.”

SEO optimized blog posts take advantage of the best traits of Google — the ones that put you right in front of the people who are already looking for you (and what you do). With a unique-to-you strategy, we find all the best keywords and put them in all the best places (ahem, your content) to get you oh-so-good results.

And it’s all done-for-you (no calls, no monthly check-ins, just some moments to review).


social media is great, but imagine consistently booking new clients or promoting your products with having to be online all. the. freaking. time.

You want to be able to be MIA for a bit, take the summer off, be sick without stress, or just simply exist without worrying about your marketing.

You can’t keep pushing yourself to be present or keep creating when you want to do literally anything else. Blogging and SEO are the not-so-secret solution, and with the VIP week, you’re one step closer (maybe 10) to getting more visibility, clarity, and conversions even when you’re offline and OOO.

say less, i'm in.

Time to research the best keywords, create your content plan, and get your approval (and if you don't like one of your six blog post ideas, you have two alternatives to replace them). 


What might be my favorite days of your VIP Week, Tuesday and Wednesday are dedicated to writing your blog drafts (what I do best).

tuesday & wednesday

You'll receive your drafts for edits and leave any notes for edits or suggestions to make sure your blog posts are everything you're dreaming of (and more). You'll be needed for around an hour for review.


We'll add any finishing touches to your blog posts, do a final read-through on your drafts, and schedule your blog posts in your website backend weekly or bi-weekly, your choice!


You're not the first (and probably not the last) to wonder what happens during a VIP Week. And since I don't love leaving you hanging, here's how our week flows:

What to expect (and when to expect it)

"The Best Part Of My Experience With Mckayla Was How Easy And Simple Everything Is."

"Working with McKayla is the best! She's so kind, understanding, and receptive. I never feel like I have to micro-manage her and I fully trust that she's getting everything done and done well! Together, Mckayla and I were finally able to start my blog and commit to consistent high-quality content! If you’re on the hunt for a blog content writer, Mckayla is your person! She spends so much time looking through your previous content, pulling out golden nuggets, and writing blog posts that sound exactly like you."

Kaili Meyer, Copywriter

what's included

The SEO Blog VIP Week is an entire week dedicated to create and schedule blog content that will help you grow for months to come. You'll get:
- Full Keyword Library
-  Custom Content Calendar
- 6 SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
- 3-Month Performance Check-in






How long does it take to start seeing SEO results?

While I can't give you a concrete answer, as it depends on various factors, we typically start seeing movement around the 3-6 month mark with major changes happening between 9 and 12 months.

What if I already have a blog? 

The Blog VIP Week is for anyone who wants to improve their SEO via blogging — whether you have no content, some content, or a lot of content already on your blog.

Does blogging impact SEO?

Ready for a shocking-but-true statistic? Blogging increases your chances of ranking on Google by 434%. FOUR-HUNDRED AND THIRTY PERCENT. If that’s not enough to convince you, I don’t
know what would be.