The Six Best Canva Script Fonts

January 6, 2022


Canva has become one of the most prominent – and affordable – graphic design programs in the online business space. With so many people creating templates, graphics, and even websites using Canva and Canva Pro, it’s important to be able to sort and identify fonts you want to use quickly, without spending hours browsing through their font library. As a Pinterest marketer, pin designer, and business owner myself, I’ve brought together some of my favorite script fonts located in Canva Pro.

Here are the six best Canva Script fonts available with Canva Pro:

* If you do not have Canva Pro, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here.

The Six Best Canva Script Fonts to use for your Online Business.

The Something Script

The Something Script | One of the Best Modern Script Fonts found in Canva Pro

The Something Script is one of my favorite “artsy” scripts to use on client pins although it’s under-appreciated due to the fact that in smaller font size, it can be hard to read. Thankfully, its tall uppercase letters are perfect for stacking fonts in small spaces – allowing you to get a little creative in your graphics design!

This Canva Pro script font reminds me of a less curly version of one of my personal brand fonts, Melatti, that I discovered after working with one of my FAVORITE clients ever – Hey Chelsie!

Beauty Salon Script

Beauty Salon Script Canva Font | One of the best fun and bold script fonts in Canva Pro.

Beauty Salon Script is a script that I am VERY familiar with – it was a favorite when designing wedding planners and LWPI’s pins! They were very adaptable when it came to initial pin design and requested a lot of pinks, especially hot pink and bolder pink tones which fit well with this script.

Personally, I wouldn’t use it in my own branding or pin design as I don’t feel that it connects with my personality, but I CAN give it the recognition it deserves! I feel like it’s a step up from the Brittany free Canva font that has become widely used.

Oblique Rain

Oblique Rain Canva Script Font | Curly Script fonts to use in Canva Pro

Oblique Rain is one of the cutest script fonts I’ve ever seen – it reminds me of the Nexa font family. I love a good curly script font when creating blogger Pinterest pins or food pins, particularly summertime food and recipes! Still, it’s another that I wouldn’t use for my personal graphics or marketing, but I’ve used for clients (and it worked well!).

This Canva script font pairs well with regular text fonts (I’m thinking Poppins, what do you think?) making it easier for designing and getting #creative.

Carlsons Script

Carlsons Script Canva font | Best Canva Script Fonts for use in Canva Pro

Carlsons Script is one of my absolute FAVES and actually was my accent font before I switched to Melatti. The whole font family has AMAZING font options and makes a great semi-retro style accent font when used creatively. While giving a classic look when in basic black, pair with colors and Canva Effects for a pro look!


Rumba Canva Script Font | One of the best handwriting style script fonts available in Canva Pro

Rumba Canva Pro script font gives off handwriting vibes in my honest opinion rather than a classic-clean script font. Its a great compromise for those who want a cursive font type without the formalities and curly-qs. It’s another really good font for accents on pin designs!

This script/cursive font is great because although it has a delicate feel, it still has think enough lettering to read clearly on a busy background – something that many script fonts have difficulty doing.

Maldina Script

Maldina Script Font in Canva Pro | Fancy cursive script fonts available in Canva

Maldina Script is what I imagine when I think of classic cursive. I imagine fancy signatures, signings, and book covers – is that weird? But, that’s what it reminds me of and that’s what I like to use it for! It’s a really cool add-on when you want a personal touch to pins, email newsletters, blog ends, etc.

I always like to remind pinners, bloggers, and business owners that you don’t have to use fonts (or elements) in traditional ways! Mix it up by using a signature as a sign-off or make your graphics tied to a person.

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