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09 Fall Patterns to Use in Canva Pro

September 7, 2022




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With fall, autumn, and Halloween being primary months for promotion (and design), it’s only natural that I was inspired to create a list of some of my favorite fall patterns in Canva Pro to accompany my list of Halloween Canva fonts.

Unlike the font collection, I did decide to only include patterns found in Canva Pro – mainly because there is a huge difference in quality between the patterns available for free and the fall patterns in Canva Pro. Plus, when you have Canva Pro, you’re able to use patterns in your products without additional licensing (assuming you’re not reselling the pattern as is). 

How to Search for Your Pattern in Canva

All the patterns mentioned below are going to be easily searchable in Canva. In fact, all you need to do is open the design file you want to get started with, type in the creator of the pattern, and search “autumn” or “fall” in the search bar (once the designer is pulled up). Below is a screen grab of the search bar:

Canva Pro element and pattern search bar screenshot.

If you’re having trouble finding the specific pattern, add “pattern” to the end of your query. This will help narrow down what you’re looking for – particularly with designers that offer a lot of elements and designs.

Thankfully, seasonal search terms and keywords such as “autumn” and “fall” are popular with creators for the precise reason of allowing Canva users (like ourselves) to find these patterns.

09 Fall and Autumn Inspired Patterns in Canva Pro

We’ll keep it short and simple while I introduce the patterns. Each fall and autumn pattern will have it’s creator listed below. This is the creator you should search for to find this specific pattern. Personally, I prefer simple, minimalist patterns for holidays so I chose according to my preference!

Set of three minimalist simple three-tone patterns in Canva Pro.

The first batch of patterns are all by MOKO22, these are my faves! A simple fall orange floral, a two tone pumpkin pattern, and, of course, a sunflower pattern. I really appreciated the simplicity of these fall patterns, making them easier and more diverse for use on different projects – for example, Pinterest pins, IG story backgrounds, and even T-shirts when utilized creatively!

Minimalistic patterns for autumn in Canva Pro

The second batch of autumn inspired patterns are also by MOKO22, I discovered that I really enjoyed their style of design. Plus, they offered way more patterns that relate to fall and autumn (and even Halloween patterns) that you can use. 

Bold minimalist patterns for fall and autumn in Canva Pro

This thired batch of patterns for fall in Canva Pro we’re created by Faja Sullivan and Nestoreliyasheviskiy. I wanted to choose a style that was a little different than the first sets. The watercolor pumpkin pattern I thought was truly breathtaking, but might not have a diverse area of usage. The two leaves patterns, orange and red respectively, we’re both simple, but had a bolder background when compared to the first batches.

How to Improve Your Canva Pro Design Skills

Practice!! I’ve dabbled with a few courses here and there, spent a few hundred hours on Youtube, and, of course, binged a few blogs to develop my Canva Design skills. And, at this point, all my graphics are essentially designed 100% in Canva. 

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