5 Canva Fonts to Use This Halloween

Canva is one of my favorite tools to use as a Pinterest Manager and online business owner – it’s useful not only for creating unique designs quickly but for adjusting templates to suit your needs… like when the holidays roll around. The easiest thing to change is your font – and it’s very important to how your seasonal content performs. This is why I like to use specific – spooky – Canva fonts for Halloween.

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Why Your Fonts Matter on Pinterest

Halloween fonts are more than just ‘spooky vibes‘ for your content, they actually help your pins rank and your content attract attention. Users are more likely to click on pins that have related graphics, text, and font styles related to what they’re searching – in this case, content relating to Halloween.

Font type also helps with your Pin ranking on Pinterest as Pinterest is a virtual search engine. This means that Pinterest uses your pin design to help you rank for keywords or trends. Now that you know why, here are my personal favorite Halloween free Canva fonts:

#1. Jeepers

Jeepers free Canva font for Halloween

Jeepers is my go-to Halloween Canva font. It fits easily in designs and is a traditional Halloween look. Personally, it fits a blogger aesthetic more than the others does not allow for lowercase letters, which might be a deal-breaker for some.

#2. Abys

Abys free Canva font for Halloween

I like the painted feel of the Abys font, it gives a haunted house vibe that’s trending lately. But, it’s not too overdone that it’s hard to read or gaudy. Like Jeepers, this font does not allow lower-case letters which may not be suitable for your branding.

#3. Max Somsin

Max Somsin free Canva font for Halloween

Long letters which are perfect for small spaces, Max Somsin is a good choice for a subtle Halloween font. The downside is that I find it hard to pair with common brand fonts which might make designing Halloween-themed graphics a bit harder.

#4. Kust

Kust free Canva font for Halloween

Kust font is like a mix between Jeepers, Abys, and Max Somsin – it’s a little messier than the others, but that might be the Halloween aesthetic you’re looking for! The downside is that this font is all caps and has a few oddly sized letters which might make placement difficult.

#5. Butcherman Caps

Butcherman Caps free Canva font for Halloween

Not my personal favorite but a Halloween staple. Butcherman Caps is a creative, spooky, Halloween Canva font that will definitely show your content theme on Pinterest. Another all-caps, no lowercase option, this font is very evenly spaced and sized, making it perfect for design placement – but not necessarily font pairing.



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