8 Magical Fonts in Canva for 2022

March 25, 2022

Canva is my most recommended tool for any online creative looking for an affordable and user-friendly design program – and yes, that does include both bloggers and Pinterest managers! I began using Canva before it became the super-popular platform it is today (for good reason) and continue to use it for both myself and my clients. Mainly, I use Canva to create my social media images such as IG graphics and Pinterest pins. This leads me to what I’m sharing today: my favorite magical fonts in Canva!

If you’re not interested in my magical fairy-tale style fonts round-up, you can check out my other two collections (they might suit your project a little better):

The Top Magical Fonts You Can Use in Canva:

Let’s dive right into it! My magical and fairy tale free font round-up includes script fonts, cursive fonts, fun, curly handwriting fonts, and anything else that screams Disney princess, mystical royalty, or elf fortress. While there are plenty more (Canva has over 100 free fonts for users), I narrowed it down to the 8 fonts I recommend:

#1. Aniyah

Aniyah Script Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

Aniyah is a really cool and flowing mystical font. I thought it really embodied the medieval enchanted feel that some go for – or meets the classic fairy-tale font look that we’re sometimes going for. Its the first sentance in a old book, that kind of look.

#2. Reborn

Reborn Display Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

This screams “Brave” the movie to me. While I don’t know much about mythology (besides greek), I feel like this font would be perfect for magical lore.

#3. TAN the Whistling (Canva Pro)

TAN the Whistling Display Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

The first Canva Pro exclusive magical fairy tale font is TAN the Whistling. While still similar to “Reborn,” this font is a little calmer and cleaner. This font is suitable for areas with less space when you still want that lore font look.

#4. Anaktoria

Anaktoria Script Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

Anaktoria is a free Canva font – this font is a simple handwriting style font. I like this font because it’s a mystical font that is not calligraphy or a traditional script font that is common in magical styles. Anaktoria is a font that gives the impression of an ole timey handwritten notebook – and I LOVE it.

#5. Charlton

Charlton Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

Charlton is a cool mystical and fantasy font that I found that makes me think of the Shrek Movies. With that style and medieval time period, this font would be the perfect match. Plus, with it’s clean look, and designs would look absolutely gorgeous.

#6. Huova

Huova Display Font - Magical Fonts in Canva 2022

Yes, I am a Skyrim fan and that is why I typed dragonborn – do I think this is a perfect Skyrim font? Unsure, but it was fun to use. I do think that this is a good, minimally magical font that can be used when you don’t want to go overboard in your designs. It’s just the right hint of fairy tale and mystical lore without getting too showy and fantastical.

Honerable Mentions: Uploading Magical Fonts in Canva

Introducing Enchants - magical font with latin and cyrillic support

Enchants is vintage, clean font with latin and Cyrillic support, , loaded with alternate glyphs and graphic assets. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes.
Magic Spell is a magical grunge display font with a rustic and rough texture and sharp corners.

This a perfect display font to complement a classic sans-serif or serif font and can be used in a variety of different scenarios. For example, create logos, art prints, stylish quotes, blog graphics and so much more! Use it for anything magic, esoteric and halloween related!

Outside of the Canva platform, there are two magical font downloads that you can shop on Etsy that really fit this look in my opinion: Enchants and Magic Spell.

Since these fonts are not native to Canva, you will have to download them from Etsy after purchase and reupload into your brand kit to use. Before using for commerical or resell purposes, please consult their listings and usuage details.

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