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Clicks to Conversions, Generating Income From Pinterest

April 11, 2021




I have a love for words and a knack for SEO – and as a mama, I know just how challenging it can be to run a business while raising a family. This blog is just one of the many resources you’ll find here that’ll help you boost your online visibility without sacrificing your sanity.
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In my years as a Pinterest manager and strategist, the most common question I get asked is how to transfer clicks to conversions… But, the truth is, as much work as you do on your Pinterest end, your site and shop has to be ready to receive and convert those users.

Pinterest users are searching for specific solutions to problems, whether it’s how to organize their linen closet or what earrings they should wear to the next spring wedding! As a business, it’s your job to market the solution (or at least a way to find their solution). The good thing is, most Pinterest users are prepared to buy – the downside is they’re looking for a quick response.

Users from Pinterest have a higher bounce rate than other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, meaning you have a shorter time frame to capture the lead or make the sale. There are a few ways to navigate getting conversions on Pinterest, but you’ll need to track each link and page to identify where in your funnel you to improve.

? HEADS UP: If you’re just getting started on Pinterest, I highly suggest checking out my free Pinterest Starter checklist that takes you step by step through setting up and optimizing your Pinterest account to start pinning successfully! You can download it here.

You Don’t Have a Clear CTA

When selling, you need to have a clear CTA attached to your pin. This could be a button designed on your pin saying “click here” or “access now” – or just a sentence urging users to take a further action, such as “join the community today” or “shop the sale.”

Most times, you can simply add it to your pin design or on your photo as a text overlay, but if you’re planning on runnings ads to your pin (something I don’t recommend you do until you have stable, organic strategy) then you can try experimenting with different CTA’s in your pin’s title.

You Pin Description is Not Optimized

One of the ways your pin reaches users on Pinterest is through Pinterest search bar, which ranks pins according to SEO. While pins can take up to three-six months to rank, they can appear in search sooner depending on the competition of the search term and how well you utilize your pin description.

Keywords can be placed in a variety of areas on your Pinterest account, but when creating your actual pin, you should be using keywords NATURALLY in your:

  • Pin Image
  • Pin Description
  • Pin Title
  • Pin Alt Image Tag
  • Pin link url

You’ll need to consider these places while you’re designing your pin or even creating the page you’re planning on sending your pin to.

You’re Unclear in What You’re Selling

Whether it’s in the description or directly on the pin image, users need to know what you’re selling to want to buy. Are you selling a dress? Earrings? Yoga classes? Social Media bundle?

As they’re combing through pins, yours needs to stand out and directly (or indirectly) offer what they’re looking for AND match up with what your website sells. Inspirational pictures or quotes are great when it comes to driving site traffic, but should not be a go-to when marketing your actual product.

You Need to Adapt to What Users Want

One of the biggest struggles that I’ve witnessed with client accounts and other business’s Pinterest accounts is that they are not willing to deviate from what they think is right. Having a clear brand message and branding is okay, but if the pin style of voice that you’re using is not attracting clicks, it may be time to try something new.

In the same boat, Pinterest likes new designs and colors and each niche is going to have a different ‘style’ that users like. Experimenting with pin style, color, language, and size can help boost your pin reach and connect with users in a way that just wasn’t happening before.

Focusing on the Wrong Part of Your Funnel

Sometimes your audience is just not ready to buy, or your offer is just a little bit above the ‘click-and-buy’ thought process. Offers that are $1-$11 are good to market directly on Pinterest as they offer an easy solution and quick decision (without breaking the bank) for users.

Offers that are larger may not be a good product for direct market on Pinterest, especially as a newer or less established user. Focus instead on creating a lead magnet or intro offer to build your email list! Then, any emails you get should be sent into a funnel or welcome sequence so that they’re primed to buy a larger offer in the future.


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