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March 29, 2021

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Less than 24 hours ago, Flodesk announced their latest and greatest email marketing addition >> Flodesk University!

Currently ONLY available to those with early access, the new “online campus” offers FREE courses highlighting everything you need to know about email marketing, from using the platform, creating your freebie, and making your workflows.

Where does this come in with Pinterest?

If you haven’t checked out my other articles – such as 7 Types of Content You Should Be Pinning – Pinterest is one of the BEST places to grow your email list and kick off your workflow to start generating sales for your business. With this new release, Flodesk upped their game by adding educational support to their already user-friendly (and beginner-friendly) platform!

What’s in Flodesk University?

Flodesk University Goals

Since it’s a brand new platform and it’s JUST been released, I was pleasantly surprised with the courses offered. They break it down into four goals >>

  1. Getting Started with Flodesk
  2. Creating Engaging Content
  3. Taking Your Strategy to the Next Level
  4. Making Money While You Sleep

Each goal is broken down into a series of courses, each covering a different aspect of marketing or setting up and working in your Flodesk account. And if you’re not an email marketing expert, they provide access to an all-inclusive Glossary teaching you the necessary terms to successfully complete (and understand) the courses!

Flodesk University Glossary of email definitions.

Still, the best feature is that they took the extra steps to make sure anyone who logs in can actually learn – they have closed captions, a course rundown, and even written course notes going through everything you learn during the course.

In My Personal Opinion,

Landing page of Flodesk Uni.

I wish Flodesk University was around when I started email marketing because honestly, I was CLUELESS. I didn’t have a welcome/nurture sequence and even struggled to set up a sequence to deliver a freebie – which, by the way, was by far my FAVORITE course!

Cody Hays, founder of Marketing Mission started it with, and I quote, “Give people a reason to give you their email address, otherwise they are not going to.”

Which, of course, goes hand in hand with why I urge you (and all my clients) to create a bomb-asf freebie to start pinning to Pinterest as a way to increase your email list!

Although what I love about Flodesk University is more advanced than simple email marketing, their program walks you through EVERYTHING. Essentially, it’s perfect for anyone who interested in improving their strategies!

How to Get Access to Flodesk University >>

Flodesk sign-up landing page.

As I mentioned before, Flodesk University is in EARLY ACCESS ONLY – at least for the moment! I suggest trying their 30-day trial while you wait – PLUS, as a member, you’ll be kept in the loop on the official launch >> Start your 30-day FREE trial!

Or, you can sign up to get notified when the program fully opens to the public >> Sign-up to stay updated!


How to get started with email marketing by taking advantage of Flodesk University, a FREE email marketing course for entrepreneurs and bloggers.
How to get started with email marketing by taking advantage of Flodesk University, a FREE email marketing course for entrepreneurs and bloggers.
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