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Pixistock Review: Canva Templates, Stock Photos, & Content Calendar

October 17, 2022




I have a love for words and a knack for SEO – and as a mama, I know just how challenging it can be to run a business while raising a family. This blog is just one of the many resources you’ll find here that’ll help you boost your online visibility without sacrificing your sanity.
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The Pixistock Membership has far surpassed what it originally was – a simple stock photo subscription for bloggers and business owners. Over the past two years as a member (and a member for the foreseeable future as a Pixistock Lifetime Member thanks to a past Pixistock Black Friday Deal), I’ve watched Alicia grow her subscription from stock photos to include Canva Templates for nearly all aspects of your marketing, courses, and roadmaps such as the Content-to-Profit planner, social media calendars, and even caption templates.

And, while I no doubt love my Pixistock membership, there are a lot of questions regarding whether or not the “hype” is accurate – so we’re going to break it down into a full review covering Pixistock features, quality, updates, communication, and even community to help you crack the code and possibly decide if Pixistock is the right investment for you or if your business funds are better spent elsewhere.

Heads up: I use affiliate links for my fave products that I use and trust. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Check out my full disclosure and privacy policy here.

How Much Does the Pixistock Membership Cost & What’s Included?

Pixistock Digital Content and Stock Membership

Right now, the Pixistock annual membership is $375 per year. If you’re not interested in the annual plan, you can opt for the monthly at $47/month. Throughout the year you’ll find limited-time deals and discounts, typically spread evenly or around a new membership feature launch.

Otherwise, you’ll find the best deal during the Pixistock Lifetime Membership deal, which is only available a few times throughout the year – sometimes only once per year with a price to be determined (it changes yearly).

What’s Included in the Annual Plan?

This is going to be the “short” breakdown of Pixistock’s membership features – we’ll break it down even more with examples further down, but this is a nice overview. The annual membership includes:

Access to 7,000 stock photos stretched across multiple niches, with many different color schemes, and styled in different ways.

NEW stock video library with multiple different video collections (both with models and faceless) to make video creation simple.

Over 5,000 Canva templates for marketing, content creation, and even your business systems and client experience.

The  Content-to-Profit Planner™, is a monthly and annual social media planner and content calendar with caption guides, templates, hashtag strategy, and more.

Dubsado and Honeybook style guides that are fully customizable to your services and your personal branding.

Masterclasses taught by Alicia covering different aspects of business, content marketing, digital marketing, and connecting with your audience.

Design tutorials for members teaching you how to use the membership and the Pixistock graphics and presets to best fit your needs.

24/7 access to a private FB community to get quick answers and support as you go through the courses and planners.

The Pixistock team is always working towards new things too! Alicia has mentioned working on creating a new off-Facebook community for closer support, training, events, and mentorship along with improvements to the Pixistock search.

What’s Actually Included in the Pixistock Membership?

Okay, now it’s time for the full breakdown and then I’ll tell you how I feel about it all. let’s remember that I do have Lifetime Access – which pretty much means that although I’m going to try and keep the features limited to what any member would have access to, I’m sorry if I accidentally mention something that’s only available to members like me (and you if you upgrade when Lifetime is open!).

First, let’s do a little walkthrough! This is everything that’s included – at least a higher-level view of what’s included as I’m not a huge fan of giving someone’s hard work away for free:

What’s Included in Pixistock’s 7,000+ Stock Photos?

The stock photo aspect of the Pixistock membership is by far the largest, and oldest, part of the membership. Thanks to that, there are thousands of images to comb through to choose what’s right for your business or blog.

This is the section of the membership that Alicia is planning to update as far as the search capabilities – and maybe more in the future.

Screenshot of Pixistock's Stock photo collection membership landing page.

As you may notice in the image above, you’re able to search through the stock photo collection by refining your filters or utilizing the search bar in your membership header. You can refine by color, model, size, type, and niche. Templates exist, but the filter serves no purpose at this moment. Right now, niches included are:

  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Home
  • Kids
  • Leisure
  • Party
  • Podcasting
  • Religious
  • Travel
  • Wedding

The largest collection is Business, while Kids, Leisure, and Health are catching up quickly. Alicia uploads new content monthly, so image collections are quickly expanding and new ones are being added periodically.

PROS: There are lots of images to choose from in nearly every color palette. You’re able to sort through and pick images that include models or don’t, as well as tech setups or lifestyles.

There’s a mix of light, minimalistic style, along with a fun, colorful style/busier style of photography.

CONS: More colorful images would be nice, a lot are a bit older and harder to find. The search feature could be improved – some keywords/search terms don’t pick up even if they’re popular and there are obvious photos that align.

What’s Included in Pixistock’s 5,000+ Canva Templates?

A close up look at the templates available to Pixistock Members in the Pixistock Membership | The Comma Mama Co.

Nearly all of the categories that fall under “templates” include a Canva template. Even the Dubsado Style Guides and Honeybook Style Guides utilize Canva Templates for their design and customization. As the picture can be a bit hard to read, let’s break down what the Pixistock Canva templates are included:

Social Media Templates such as Gifs & Memes, Carousel Title Cards, Carousels, Social Quotes, Video & Reels, Info Posts, Intros, Outros, CTAs, and Stories.

Digital Marketing Templates including Promotional & Product, Email Marketing, Digital & PDF Mockups, Pinterest Templates, Slide Decks, Ebooks and Workbooks, Calendars & Planners, and Event Graphics.

Client Management Templates such as Booking & Services, Client On & Off-Boarding, Client Testimonials, Pricing & Invoicing, Dubsado Style Guides, HoneyBook Style Guides, and Newsletters and Flyers.

Branding Templates include Podcasting, Vision Boards, Pixistock Mood Boards, Brand Boards, Highlight Covers, Media Kits, Banners & Covers, and Youtube Channel Graphics.

What I really like about the Pixistock Canva Templates is that they’re designed with both business owners and bloggers in mind. Essentially, both can benefit and have a purpose for the templates included.

PROS: Lots of options. Like, tons. Most of them are customizable to every brand and still have personality – which I’ve found that most template libraries and collections lack. Many are so niche that they’re not able to cater to many users.

CONS: Would love for better organization and search options. Very limited filters with a lot of templates is hard to deal with when you’re trying to spend little time on your marketing efforts. Also, would love template “collections.” Many of their templates belong together, or, are rather styled alike, but are only available for individual download – another time-consuming task.

Pixistock Color Palette Generator

Screenshot of the Pixistock Color palette generator.

Not quite included in a singular category, the Pixistock color palette generator is a traditional aspect of their membership – as in I don’t find it to be anything spectacular, but it’s nice to have.

You simply choose or upload an image and the generator provides a color palette based on said image.

PROS: Nice bonus and relates to their design and branding aspect. Plus, you’re able to download an image from their stock library and upload it to find the color palette.

CONS: Just as useful as every other color palette generator that utilizes an image. For example, the Canva color palette generator.

The Content-to-Profit Planner aka the Pixistock Social Media Content Calendar

The Content to Profit Planner

Outside of having multiple names, the content calendar included in the Pixistock annual and lifetime membership is pretty useful if you’re able to keep consistent (unlike me). Alicia goes in depth about what to post and the type of content it should be.

The social media content calendar includes two versions that you can download: Airtable and Google Sheets. Both come with a full video tutorial, making it super easy if you’re not familiar with the platforms.

If this is something that really interests you, I highly recommend checking out my full review of the Pixistock Content Calendar.

PROS: Great content to use and gets updated every couple of months – social media calendar is designed per month so it’s always up to date.

CONS: I don’t really have any cons for this one.

The Pixistock Community

Screenshot of the Brand Builders Lounge for Pixistock members.

The Pixistock community, like most memberships, is hosted as a Facebook group. This specific group is only for Pixistock members, although she does have a free Facebook community as well that anyone can join.

PROS: Easy to access way to get in touch.

CONS: Not very active, so it’s just an extra Facebook group to join.

What I Think About the Pixistock Styled Stock Photo Membership [Honest Review]

First, let’s cover what I paid for Pixistock. Originally, back in 2020, the quarterly plan was $87 every three months. In total for the quarterly membership, I paid $522. Next, I caught the Pixistock Black Friday deal and purchased the Pixistock Lifetime membership for $700 with a payment plan across four months and a prorated amount of $70, totaling $630. Overall, I’ve paid $1,152 for Pixistock over 34 months – Breaking down to $34 per month as of this exact moment, not a bad deal.

Plus, let’s just say that what I had access to then barely compares to now! I don’t regret purchasing the lifetime membership at all.

If you purchase the Pixistock annual plan at the current price of $375, you’ll be spending $31.25 per month.

In comparison, other styled stock photo subscriptions that offer solely stock photos (or primarily stock photos) such as Haute Stock, Styled Stock Society, and Social Squares average $30 per month on an annual plan.

Pixistock Review: Photo Samples | The Comma Mama Co.

For the price, I personally think Pixistock is the better option when compared to its competitors. It offers everything a business owner could need to get their basics down – and continue to scale. Between the constant new content and the bonuses to the program, I highly recommend the membership for anyone – both bloggers and business owners alike.

If you’re ready to sign up for Pixistock, you can do so here.

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