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11 Canva Ebook Templates Under $10

November 13, 2022




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Business owners, bloggers, influencers, and essentially everyone in between has noticed how profitable creating and selling an Ebook is – and, thanks to Canva, creating Ebooks has never been easier. The problem comes when the standard Ebooks that are available on Canva for free are not serving you. They don’t offer what you need, there’s not enough pages, or they just don’t “fit” your brand. Luckily, with all the Canva designers out there, there are plenty of Canva Ebook templates to shop from!

And, since I’m not a fan of spending $30-$60 on a singular Canva Ebook template, I’ve gathered some of my favorites that are all under $10!

Heads up: I use affiliate links for my fave products. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Check out my full disclosure and privacy policy here.

What Are Canva Ebook Templates Used For?

When you’re shopping for an eBook template, you’re most likely looking for a way to share information with your audience – whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or both. Still, you want to ensure your eBook has a purpose outside of holding information, which is what helps determine what your template is used for. Templates could be used for an eBook that you’re looking to sell and profit from, share additional information in a course, or create a lead magnet for your audience to help grow your email list.

There’s really no limit on how/when to use your eBook, and sometimes you’ll find that an eBook is great for a supplemental resource instead of your main offer. Either way, here are some of my favorite Canva ebook templates under $10:

#1. 28-Page Ebook Template by This Splendid Shambles

This Splendid Shambles 28-page colorful Canva eBook template for bloggers.

A Canva ebook template by one of my favorite bloggers and resource providers for bloggers, This Splendid Shambles, this ebook is useable with any Canva FREE account (meaning you don’t need access to Canva Pro).

This ebook template for bloggers and businesses is only $3.19 and is typically on sale for 20% off! You can shop this Canva Ebook Template here.

#2. 135-Page Ebook & Workbook Template for Coaches, Bloggers, & Course Creators by HelloSummerDesignCo.

135-page pink themed eBook and workbook template by hellosummerdesignco. for coaches, bloggers, and businesses

This Ebook template is one of the larger ones on our list. Most templates that have 100+ pages are at least $20, putting them over our $10 limit, but this template by hellosummerdesignco is only $9.99 – one heck of a deal.

This Canva template is recommended when you’re creating:

  • Online course guides and workbooks
  • Social media strategy guides
  • Lead magnets
  • General coaching guides
  • Opt-in freebie content

If you’d like to download this template, you can do so here.

#3. 50+ Page Boho Minimalist Ebook & Workbook Canva Template by DesertData

Boho minimalist Canva eBook by DesertData

Simple, minimalistic, and easy to use! This boho Canva Ebook template by DesertData is a great option for beginners. There are no complicated designs or heavy graphics/elements to adjust to match your branding and it’s only $2.50!

This Ebook template is a great option for bloggers and businesses looking for a simple start to their workbook or ebook. If you would like to check out this Canva template, you can do so here.

#4. Editable Canva Ebook Template for Coaches by GraphicsByRamona

Editable Canva ebook template for Coaches by GraphicsbyRamona

This Canva Ebook template is a personal favorite – I love how simple the style is, but also how editorial it feels. It’s definitely a Canva template that delivers professionalism. This ebook template designed for coaches by GraphicsByRamona has 82 pages and is only $9.88!

You don’t need a Canva Pro subscription to use this ebook template, it’s usable with just the free version! If you’d like to check out this template, you can do so here.

#5. 18-Page Ebook Canva Template by DansteDesign

18-page Pink themed Canva eBook template by DansteDesign

A little on the smaller side when compared to our other Canva Ebook templates, this ebook template by DansteDesign only contains 18 editable pages. Still, it’s nice, simple, easy to edit, and easy to read! This is a great starter design for bloggers who are looking for a quick ebook project to sell or to give away as a lead magnet.

This Canva ebook template for bloggers is only $2.70, making it one of the most affordable on the list. And, while this is technically a pink blogger ebook, it’s fully customizable to match your branding – so don’t let the pink dissuade you!

If you’re interested in shopping for this Canva ebook template, you can do so here.

#6. Black & White Ebook Template for Entrepreneurs by DutchessShop

Black, white, and grey themed ebook and workbook Canva template for entrepreneurs by DuchessShop

I really wanted to drop this black and white style Canva ebook and workbook template for entrepreneurs because it’s the minimalist style I love, without the “boho” feel. While the boho style is great, it can sometimes limit how well it matches your brand – something that is easily doable with this simple ebook and workbook template by DuchessShop.

This 15-page ebook template is exactly $3.00! So it’s another low-cost design, although it also has one of the lowest page counts. If you would like to download/shop this ebook template, you can do so here.

#7. Beige Canva Minimalist Ebook Template by DesignerPractice

Beige minimalistic ebook template by DesignerPractice

Typically found on sale, this beige minimalist-style ebook template by DesignerPractice contains 15 pages and is only $4.70. While it’s not a style I love, I know that it’s popular and can easily match most brands. It also has a very professional feel.

If you would like to shop this Canva template, you can do so here.

#8. Canva Ebook Template for Coaches by Snapybiz

Workbook, ebook, and lead magnet Canva eBook templates by SnapyBiz

A workbook and Ebook Canva template designed for coaches to use as a lead magnet in their business. This Canva template is not what I would quite consider traditional minimalistic, but I really do love it’s simplicity and cleanliness. Plus, the price is not bad – only $6.68!

If you’d like to shop this template, you can do so here.

#9. Lavender/Mauve 20-Page Ebook Template by PandaCookiePuff

Lavender and mauve ebook and workbook template by PandaCookiePuff

From a newer shop on Etsy, PandaCookiePuff‘s 20-page Ebook and workbook template is a great budget-friendly option and is easy to match to your branding thanks to its light use of elements and blank space. This lavender and mauve-themed ebook is only $1.99.

Don’t let it being from a small shop scare you, some of the best products and Canva templates come from the smallest shops due to the density of the market. If you would like to shop this ebook template, you can do so here.

#10. Ebook Template for Business by GoodLifeTemplates

Blue themed ebook template for business by GoodLifeTempaltes

I’ll be the first to admit that this ebook template for Canva is a little bit more “corporate” style than the others on the list. Still, I like to ensure we have some diversity. This ebook template from GoodLifeTemplates is a great option when you’re looking for a formal style template to customize. At only $5.51, it’s still below our $10 limit.

If you would like to check out this template, you can do so here.

#11. Minimalist Boho Canva Ebook Template by The Comma Mama Co.

16-Page Canva Ebook Template by The Comma Mama Co.

Of course, we have to mention our own Canva Ebook template! Our 16-Page Minimalist Boho Canva Ebook template is in a different size than most others – it’s a bit longer and consider to be in the “Wattpad” book cover size.

Our boho template includes multiple versions of your pages to get the right fit for your text with ease, an acknowledgment page for your final CTA, and even a checklist for any additional information and/or work pages you might want to throw in for your readers! The best part is it’s only $2.99!

If you would like to check out this template, you can do so here.

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