How I made $5,000 with a $10 product

November 10, 2021

Digital products are where it’s at. Now, I don’t want to push my favorite way to make money blogging onto you or make you feel like you HAVE to sell digital products to be successful, but I do want to tell you a story about how I made $5,000 with my second digital product ever. Thank you so much to Mckayla for allowing me to guest post on her blog and share my story with you guys!

My name is Hannah and I am a Pinterest Strategist, Blogger, and Cold Process Soap Maker! I have been in the online biz community for almost 7 years now and in that time, I have learned a TON! Now I’m here to teach you all the stuff I’ve learned so you don’t have to make the mistakes I did!

You see, it was the second that turned out to be the winner because the first was a complete failure. The first digital product I made was a course about how to become a blogger. I named it “So, you want to become a blogger?” Real creative huh…

I created that course because I thought that was what people wanted. A few months and a failed launch later and I found out that wasn’t the case. I was absolutely destroyed. Hated myself even. Was about to give up, in fact, I actually did give up. It’s not something I love to share because sharing it feels uncomfortable. BUT, one thing I have learned is that acknowledging our failures is what makes us better.

I couldn’t get the idea of selling digital products out of my head so I set out on a few months of market research and learning about what people actually truly wanted. I did research in Facebook groups, I watched silently as people asked questions, most of the time, it was the same questions over and over and over again.

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So, I decided to try again.

Enter, my second digital product. This second product was a guide all about how to use Instagram as an influencer. I answered all of those repeat questions, gave people a 92-page ebook that took me 2 months to design and write + a bunch of extras. Think templates, trackers, spreadsheets, the whole 9 yards.

I spent time planning my launch, building my email list of people interested, reaching out to affiliates (which was a total flop. But that’s a story for another time!) and I ended up making $175 on release day. Compared to the $0 I made on the first launch, I considered that pretty good.

I knew it wasn’t going to pay my bills though so I used my ever-growing Pinterest knowledge to put my ebook on the platform. I didn’t use a fancy sales page, in fact, I put a solid 40 minutes into writing the page and then just said okay, let’s do it.

I got my first sale from Pinterest 3 days in. Then another the next day. Then 2 the following. Within 3 days my Pinterest pin selling my ebook had started going viral and still to this day, in 2021 is going viral. In the first 30 days my ebook was on Pinterest I had made $3,000.

Now, I never made that much again in a month on Pinterest because, to be honest, I stopped focusing on Instagram. You may be thinking I’m crazy for giving up sales, but at the time, I knew my gold was in my Pinterest strategy. It’s what gave me the power to become a Pinterest Strategist and grow an incredibly successful management business. (more about this story and how I did it coming soon!)

The sales didn’t stop though. I didn’t ever get as many as I did in that first month again but some months did get close! Still now, in 2021, I get anywhere between 20-30 sales a month with that $10 ebook and I haven’t been active on my Pinterest account in over a year now. That’s the power of Pinterest. (When you do it right of course)

The most important thing to know about my story is that while yes, Pinterest drove a ton of traffic, that is only ONE piece of the puzzle. You can drive traffic alllllll day long, but if your product sucks, no one is going to buy it. (sorry but it’s true!)

There are a TON of changes that I made from that first digital product to the second one that really skyrocketed my success.

Here are some of the things I did/changed:

  1. Did market research to figure out what my audience was struggling with
  2. Created a product my audience actually wanted & needed
  3. Came up with an amazing landing/sales page formula that converted higher than anything else I had seen
  4. Marketed said product with an amazing Pinterest Strategy

Now why bother telling you this? Well, because I want to teach you to have the same success as I did (minus the part where I stopped trying to sell the product). But, here’s the catch… I only want to teach you, if YOU want to make money selling digital products.

If that is you, then I have the best product for you, enter, The Profitable Product Lab.

Profitable product lab.

Inside, I walk you through an awesome step-by-step process with templates, swipe files, video lessons, and more to make the process of creating a digital product and of course selling a digital product with ease.

The best part? It’s only $57! Make a $57 product and you can make your money back in just one sale!

Thank you again so much to Mckayla for allowing me to guest post here on her site! Talk soon guys!

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