Why You’re Not Converting on Pinterest

January 26, 2022

It’s a Wednesday morning and your Pinterest strategy is doing its thing – or maybe, it’s not. Pinterest isn’t as straightforward as you think and you might be doing a few things that are actually killing your conversions on Pinterest. Luckily, strategy changes won’t take but a minute to start and are easy to implement long-term. Here are three things that don’t convert on Pinterest (and a few things that do):

What Doesn’t Convert:

Sticking to standard-sized pins.

Yes, they’re recommended and should be your MAIN size, but spice it up a little bit. Think longer, infographic, or IG story size!

Skipping on Idea Pins.

Okay, I get the confusion on where to start, what to pin, etc. Before you just decide you’re NOT doing them at all, repurpose reels with an extra landing page or resize those IG carousels in Canva to Idea Pin size! *Repurpose the shit outta your content*

Giving up too soon. Pinterest takes time and consistency. That time is different for EVERYONE. Don’t make the decision to stop unless you’ve seen a decrease in three months or NO growth in six months. Even then you need to make sure your content is connecting with an audience and re-approach it in the future.

What Does Convert on Pinterest:

So, what does convert on Pinterest? Here are few things I’ve found as a seasoned Pinterest manager that help my clients convert on Pinterest:

  • Personalized strategy, take the “no shoe fits all” approach
  • Pin consistently, once you start, keep going!
  • Keep creating new website content and pinning FRESH links
  • Target relevant keywords (SEO matters)
  • Make sure you’re creating QUALITY content

Keep it simple, keep it straightforward for the platform, and commit to being present and creating quality content that your target audience NEEDS and WANTS.

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