Pinterest Predicts Fashion: What to Pin in 2022

December 30, 2021


Are you a blog or business in the fashion niche? Are you looking for what to pin next to help your business or blog grow on Pinterest in 2022? Are you a blog or business in the celebration or event niche? Pinterest has developed the Pinterest Predicts for 2022 fashion keywords that are getting high-traffic high-quality searches that you need to start considering when planning your content for this year.

Here are the topics that Pinterest Predicts will continue to be popular and grow in 2022 for fashion:

Pinterest Predicts fashion for businesses and bloggers in 2022. What to pin for fashion in 2022.

Pearlcore: The world is your oyster

In 2022, people of all ages will embrace iridescent accents in their homes, in their jewelry boxes and even as nail art. Pearl-themed parties will be on the rise, too, as people opt for pearly gowns and wedding decor.

> Pearl gown +3x
> Pearl necklace men +7x
> Pearl themed party +2x
> Pearl wedding decorations +185%
> Pearl ring simple +2x

Dopamine dressing: Dressing loud is the new dressing down

People are headed somewhere over the rainbow this year with vibrant outfits and colorful palettes. From rainbow dresses to electric blue outfits, 2022 fashion will be all about feel-good fits with an electric kick. All genders and age groups are driving this trend.

> Rainbow dress women +2x
> Fuschia dress outfit +4x
> Electric blue outfit +140%
> Vibrant outfits +16x
> Gradient dress +95%

Oh my goth: It’s not a phase. It’s a whole deal.

Welcome to the goth-aissance. Goth will make its way into the mainstream this year across all age groups—just not in the ways you might expect. Goth business casual, goth baby clothes and even goth kitchen decor are all trending up.

> Goth business casual +90%
> Goth cowboy +70%
> Goth baby clothes +120%
> Goth kitchen decor +85%
> Goth pajamas +185%

Check yourself: All checkered, everything

Check, please. Checkers are having their moment in all areas of peoples lives—from nails and rugs to funky flooring. As men upgrade their wardrobes, they ll embrace the tiled pattern, too. Millennials and Boomers in particular are driving this checkered trend.

> Checkerboard pattern +160%
> Checkerboard nails +165%
> Checkered rug +4x
> Checkered tile floor +5x
> Checkered suit men +95%

Lounge erie: Goodbye sweats, hello silky sleepwear

Theres something special about investing in silk just for sleeping. Nightwear will get its own dress code in 2022 even if it s just for a party of one. Searches for satin sleepwear and classic nightgowns will rise across all age groups.

> Lounge lingerie +96x
> Transparent nightgowns +5x
> Mens pyjamas +2x
> Silk nightgown aesthetic +8x
> Satin nighty +2x

What’s Next?

Not sure how to make the 2022 fashion trends work for you this year? Connect with The Comma Mama Co. for a personalized Pinterest Audit or completely hand-off your Pinterest marketing for easy Pinterest account growth and set-up!

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