Professional Organizer Marketing Hacks You Can Use Right Now

February 27, 2023

The pressure to show up on social media and market your business is intense. But marketing your business goes beyond socials, it’s creating content that converts – and lasts. When professional organizers think about marketing, social media has become a go-to. Yet, with the current push of online businesses, the competition can be tough – which is why you should look into alternative professional organizer marketing methods (outside of Instagram, Tiktok, and even Youtube).

It can be difficult to think outside of the box, to look where the market isn’t saturated, and to check how you stand out from your competitors. And, of course, finding your niche and your dream client is key to creating a business that is capable of scaling – and a marketing plan that works.

While there are a few ways to get your name out there and in front of potential clients like collaborations, guest posting, or even posting daily on social media, I like to focus on the ways that keep bringing new leads to your website even when you forget to post or decide to take the weekend off. So, what exactly are the ways to market your business as a professional home organizer?

What to Know About Marketing As a Professional Home Organizer

Professional Organizer Marketing Hacks | The Comma Mama Co.

Here’s the deal, you have what it takes to stand out and grow your business. You know what you’re doing, you know what you want to do, now you just have to make the plan and stick to it – the marketing plan anyways.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to create content for social media daily (I happen to have three toddlers at home while running my business) so efficiency is huge for me. That’s why all my marketing hacks will rely on getting to know your business and your niche, then using that information to get directly in front of your ideal clients when they’re looking for you – or at least the solution your business provides.

For professional organizers, certain marketing methods seem trickier than others. For example, if you want to blog for your business, what do you blog about? If you want to do outreach or collaborations, which businesses are you collaborating with? It all boils down to who your client is and who you want to work with (and, of course, what you do).

Let’s look at my top marketing tips for professional organizers that’ll help you book your ideal clients:

#1. Know Your Audience and Cater Your Content

It might seem obvious after you read it, but you want to have a thorough understanding of your audience along with their wants and/or needs. Once you understand who you want to work with, you can cater your content to them. This applies to social media, your website, video content, etc.

The first step to knowing and understanding your audience as a professional home organizer (and turning them into leads and clients) is to know the demographic. You’ll need to know their age, gender, location, and even income or occupation(s). Then, you want to identify what they need, how you can help them, and any reservations they might have before hiring you.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your content is tackling a want, need, or reservation. What do they need to know? What do they want to accomplish? What is holding them back from booking or doing it on their own?

#2. Localize Your Professional Organizer Marketing Efforts

Whether you only serve your local area or you want to serve anyone online, you want to localize your services. Targeting specific locations with your marketing can help you increase your conversions – specifically when you’re just establishing your business. Localization does not rely on just your town, you can localize your services to big cities too (even if it’s not where you live).

Localizing can look like specifically identifying areas you serve in your copy or content. For example, if you help organize high-end apartments in Chicago, you’ll want to mention the specific location(s) you serve in Chicago.

Some website builders and plug-ins DO allow you to actually tag or place your business on a map, which can further improve your localized marketing efforts. Social media has made this a bit easier to tag locations – specifically Instagram and Facebook.

#3. Focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or search engine optimization is essentially how Google ranks your content or web pages in their search. You can land on the first page of search for certain search queries by optimizing your content and website. For professional home organizers looking to generate more leads, SEO is the perfect long-term solution.

SEO works by picking out and targeting keywords that you want your site to rank for and strategically placing them in your backend, copy, and blog content. Of course, the keywords you choose and the competition you have will alter which keywords you can realistically target and rank for.

The real benefit of SEO comes from the long-term gain. One SEO-optimized blog post or services page can bring in new clients each month – which can go on for an entire year, or YEARS. One client of mine saw a singular blog post bring in over $10k worth of clients over the course of four months.

What Should You Focus on While Marketing Your Professional Organization Business?

What to consider when marketing your professional organization business? | The Comma Mama Co.

When marketing your business, it’s important to focus on efforts that you can maintain. My recommendation is to pick a social media channel that you enjoy posting on and choose one method to work on or invest in that you know gets results. For example, choose Pinterest because you enjoy it and invest in Instagram. Or, you could post on Instagram because you enjoy it and invest in SEO.

Creating the perfect marketing plan doesn’t only rely on the strategy – but the time and cost. Finding the perfect balance between the three is how you can create a sustainable strategy that brings in new clients that help grow your business.

If you think SEO is the route you want to go, reach out about our SEO Audit and SEO Support options to start generating those long-term leads through Google search!

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