How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest

October 31, 2021

It’s been over a year since Pinterest released the update that would allow you to use your Amazon Affiliate links on your pins, specifically on (not linked to in the traditional sense) your Idea pins. While they announced this update and it’s been functional for the past year, we’re now in 2023 and there have been no significant updates to this feature – which was announced on October 30th of 2021.

In the past, Amazon would NOT allow you to use your affiliate links on Pinterest in regular, static, video, or carousel pins.It was against their terms and conditions and if you used them, you would get suspended from their program and your purchases would not be considered “qualifying purchases” – this causes a LOT of headaches for beginner bloggers whose main affiliate program was Amazon. Not anymore!

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With proper disclosure, you can now use your affiliate links on regular pins. In your pin description, add your affiliate disclaimer and even start it with “As an Amazon Affiliate I earn.”

This new Pinterest update allows users to skip over the past instances of favoritism to established bloggers/marketers and monetize as beginners – similar to how Instagram is now allowing EVERYONE to have the link sticker for stories.

Here’s HOW to add your Amazon Affiliate link to your Pinterest Idea pins:

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your Pinterest Idea Pins

Before I could put this post together, I had to play around with adding your affiliate links on Pinterest – otherwise, I would have never known how annoying it was to copy/paste such a long link.

The easiest way I’ve found to get the links for products is by getting my usual Amazon affiliate link and sending it to myself via Facebook messenger. Then I simply copy and paste when adding my affiliates later on during pin creation.

You can also chose to share a “associates link” if you’re logged in the Amazon account associated with your affiliate account on your Amazon app on your phone.

Here’s the breakdown of adding Amazon Affiliate links to Pinterest…

Step #1: Create Your Idea Pin

Get started by creating an Idea pin-like usual, as of this moment the feature is ONLY available on Iphone & Android – not desktop. You can use any size images, but only up to 10 at the moment. Go ahead and add any extras you like – sound, photo edits, etc.

#2: Pick The Page You Want to Link On

Determine which page(s) you want to add your Amazon affiliate link to. You can add links to multiple pages as well as add multiple links to each page. You can only link up to 20 products/links per Idea pin. I recommend choosing a page where you can clearly see the product(s) you want to link.

Step #3: Search and Add a Product Sticker to Your Idea Pin

You add your Amazon affiliate links by adding product stickers to your Idea pin. In this step you will add a product sticker to the page and link your affiliate link. Do not use a link shortener or cloak your link and ensure that you mark that yes, this is an affiliate link.

Step #4: Pick Your Product’s Image

After adding your link, you will need to choose your product image. This image is what will appear when someone views your link. Try and choose one that best matches your pin image.

Step #5: Finalize Your Sticker’s Placement and Publish Your Pin

Now it’s time to finalize your sticker’s placement on your Idea pin page. You can move it to wherever suits best, ideally with the product it’s linking to. Once you’re satisfied with where your product sticker is placed, publish your pin!

You can watch a short tutorial over on my Instagram here.

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While this is only one way of monetizing on Pinterest, this is a huge step towards getting paid to create content on their platform without being a widely known creator. Who knows, maybe they’ll take steps similar to tiktok and youtube and provide a creator fund for users – what do you think?

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  1. Maddison says:

    Are there any WordPress plugins that make it easy to post new blog posts with Amazon affiliate links to Pinterest? Or is it better to just post to Pinterest manually?

  2. Jessica Lindsey Moran says:

    I’m trying to create an affiliate link but it doesn’t show the option to show it as an affiliate link, how do I get to that?

  3. I’ve had a similar experience to the author’s. Have you ever used 100 Deals to discover local deals and promotions? What do you think of the platform’s focus on local businesses?

  4. Dawn says:

    I found some helpful information that I was looking for, but then I got really confused by some of the directions and terminology in this blog post. it would be amazing to get some clarification. The directions in #2, what does “pick your page” mean? I thought you just add the link to whatever product you are featuring to the idea pin that was created in step 1? What does all that about up to 20 links and multiple pages mean? In #3, it talks about using a product sticker, what is this? I watched two videos about amazon links onpinterest and this was never mentioned. So now I’m really confused. lol I will watch the instagram tutorial, but any additional guidance you may be able to provide would be very helpful.

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