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A cozy space to learn more about blogging, SEO, and business — without the overwhelm. Here's all my best (and favorite) strategies to use and knowledge to pick from.





The short answer is yes, your blog post’s URL does affect your SEO. Your URL is one of the many places that you can utilize keywords – but, keyword stuffing, misspelling, random letters/numbers, and even simple structure can change how Google reads and ranks your content. As a well-established site on the internet, most large […]

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July 10, 2022

For years you’ve probably heard the term “bloggers” or maybe “content creators” and thought of the travelers that write about their adventures and make money via sponsorships and affiliate marketing. But, did you know that blogging can increase your income as a business owner? In fact, 66% of businesses that incorporate blogs into their SEO […]

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February 25, 2022

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A woman with a love affair for words and a knack for making SEO feel less like a mystery and more like a fun puzzle to solve. As a mama, I know just how challenging it can be to run a business while raising a family. That’s why I’m on a mission to help you boost your online visibility without sacrificing your sanity.

The blog is how I share all the best kept secrets in SEO, blogging, and being a mama in business. You’ll find what you need – and more.

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I'm a compulsive blogger and take every opportunity I have to start a new blog about anything (and everything) that interests me


I originally wanted to earn a degree in biology — which I quickly swapped for English because I didn't want to suffer through that


I'm based in a very rural area and didn't have WIFI until two years ago (which just shows you the dedication I had to my clients to find it)


I can't start a book without finishing it and potentially the entire series, no joke. I will stay up until 3am if I have to.

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