30+ Mom Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

January 16, 2023

When working towards establishing your SEO and building your DA so that you can tackle those high-competition keywords (and out-rank your competition), guest posting can be one of the best ways to acquire those high-quality backlinks. Sadly, it’s hard to just look up “high DA guest post opportunities” for each and every niche – until now. Eventually, we’ll have a list for every niche, but for now, we’re covering mom blogs that accept guest posts.

Mom blogs and parenting blogs that accept guest posts are great opportunities for building do-follow backlinks and establishing your credibility as an expert that works in the niche. For example, if you’re a sleep consultant, pediatrician, therapist, educator, or similar, these websites are perfect for you!

It’s important to note that guest posting on websites unrelated to your own website or content can hurt your SEO and decrease your DA. Google won’t see this backlink as a “quality backlink” and will instead see it as spammy.

How to Choose Where You Should Guest Post

How to choose where to guest post for your motherhood and parenting business or website | The Comma Mama Co.

Not every guest post requires a high domain authority. In fact, depending on your own website’s DA and age, you might not land a high DA guest post until your website has grown a bit. This is no fault of yours or the website you want to guest post on, as the outgoing links on their website impact their SEO too.

Outside of domain authority, you’ll need to consider the topics that the parenting blog or mom blog accepts. While some websites are open to almost every aspect of motherhood, some accept guest posts from experts. This will influence the topics that you suggest when pitching your guest posts and the credibility you give yourself in your introduction.

It’s also important to consider what you can realistically complete. Certain motherhood blogs require that when you write for them, you hit a certain word count and utilize a blog post structure.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should guest post on other blogs and websites – not just improve your domain authority. The benefits of guest blogging are nearly limitless for your blog and business.

Why Shouldn’t I Only Apply for High DA Mom Blog Guest Posting Opportunities?

Firstly, building backlinks for SEO requires more than just high DA guest posts. Part of the point of guest posting is to associate your brand and website with a certain keyword or keywords. This association then builds your “reputation” on Google and allows your website to start ranking higher in search engines.

A low DA website is still a great opportunity as long as they have a low spam score, is relevant to your topic or niche, and is current – meaning its last post wasn’t two and half years ago. Plus, it’s important to remember that DA is ever-changing. The low DA website that you guest posted on could be doing its own SEO work and improving its DA daily.

30+ Mom Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Mom blogs that accept guest posts to improve your SEO | The Comma Mama Co.

Time for the good stuff – the mom blogs that accept guest posts. The mom blogs on this list have openly stated, and some even show their requirements, directly on their website. Rather than sending unsolicited emails or guessing what to send in your email (trust me, it matters), many of these websites have forms to fill out or submission structures for you to follow.

This list of guest posting opportunities is in order of lowest to highest DA and will include any requirements listed on the blog’s website. You’ll also notice that any topics they specifically mention accepting or notable features of the website (religious, young moms, late moms, etc) will also be mentioned in their summary.

As always, please do your own due diligence before submitting a guest post request. There is no quicker way to lose a guest post opportunity than by not following the directions or preferences given by the blog’s owner.

Finally, here are 30+ mom blogs that accept guest posts right now:

#1. Stay Nerdy Mom [DA 1]

Stay Nerdy Mom is a motherhood blog from a “self-proclaimed nerdy mom.” She accepts guest posts covering being a mom, books, gaming, and Japanese. Guest blog posts for her website must be original content, at least 1,000 words, have subheadings with H2 and H3 tags, be how-to or list style, and have no affiliate links.

Learn more about guest posting for Stay Nerdy Mom here.

#2. Mommy to Many [DA 4]

Mommy to Many is another up-and-coming motherhood and parenting blog. Like most of the smaller websites on the list, she does not have specific guest post requirements at this time. You can submit guest post ideas covering activities, health, holidays, organizing, travel, and parenting.

You can get in touch with Mommy to Many via their contact form here.

#3. MomLife Organizer [DA 5]

MomLife Organizer is a motherhood blog that focuses on organization and productivity. You can submit ideas for guest posts in the following themes: Stay-at-home mom identity, WAHM time management, Saving Money / Getting out of debt, Work at home jobs, how to blog to make money, and preparing to stay home tips. Guest posts must be original and unique to the website and should be at least 1000 words.

You can submit your guest post ideas and learn more about her requirements here.

#4. Wet Clay [DA 6]

Wet Clay is a motherhood and parenting blog that is also an online e-commerce shop. They allow blog posts covering your personal parenting stories and advice with no specific blog post requirements listed for guest posters.

You can learn more about Wet Clay here, but they ask that you submit your ideas via email: thekidsproject2022@gmail.com

#5. Mindful Motherhood [DA 7]

Mindful Motherhood is a mom blog that is open to both mom and dad contributors. They primarily focus on self-care, wellness, mental health, physical health, and mindfulness. Still, they do also allow resources that “make life easier for mamas” such as recipes and product reviews.

You can look at Mindful Motherhood’s guest post requirements here.

#6. Momma Theologians [DA 11]

Momma Theologians is a Christian-based motherhood blog. They accept most topics that are written in common blogging structures such as essays, stories, listicles, how-to’s, and tutorials. Guest post submissions should range from 800-1,500 words and they ask that a brief pastoral reference on your personal integrity and character be submitted, although it is not required.

You can learn more about the specific topics they cover and how to submit your guest post idea here.

#7. Bonafide Motherhood [DA 13]

Bonafide Motherhood is a classic-style mom blog that accepts guest posts. They accept guest post submissions covering parenting, pregnancy, postpartum, new motherhood, lifestyle, running a household, and being a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or work-from-home mom. Guest posts must be a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1,500 words and should be original, unpublished content.

You can check out the rest of Bonafide Motherhood’s guest post requirements here.

#8. Moms & Mamas [DA 13]

Moms & Mamas is a mom blog that accepts guest posts in the form of stories in addition to the traditional style of how-to and lists. Outside of your article being related to motherhood (becoming and being a mom), you have a good bit of freedom in your topic.

You can read their specific requirements and submit your article on their Share Your Story page here.

#9. Mother’s Day Magazine [DA 13]

Mother’s Day Magazine is an online well-being magazine for moms with young children. They cover topics related to motherhood such as careers, parenting, relationships, emotional and physical well-being, travel, and creativity. They target mothers ages 30-50 with young children. Guest blog posts should be at least 750 words and up to 1,000 words.

You can read their guest post guidelines and requirements here.

#10. Bleeping Motherhood [DA 13]

Bleeping Motherhood is a mom blog for “funny” moms. They accept three styles of blog posts, but all should be humorous in nature. There are no strict requirements on length or structure.

You can learn how to submit your story to Bleeping Motherhood here.

#11. A Little and A Latte [DA 17]

A Little and A Latte is a motherhood blog that covers topics such as education, tips for moms, toddler life, and more. She does not have a specific word count listed but does ask that you provide a short summary of your article pitch.

You can submit your guest post idea to A Little and A Latte here.

#12. Everyday She Moms [DA 21]

Everyday She Moms is a motherhood blog that covers anything and everything related to being a mom and raising kids. There are no specific listed requirements for guest posting on the website. After contributing to multiple “round-up guest posts,” podcast episodes, or guest posts, you do get your own contributor page that highlights your personal blog/business website.

You can submit a guest post idea to Everyday She Moms using their submission form here.

#13. All Moms Blog [DA 22]

All Moms Blog is a motherhood blog created by Um Mishael and is a space where you can share detailed insights and advice on pregnancy, postpartum care, breastfeeding, parenting, and lifestyle tips for moms. You have a lot of freedom on your content and backlinks, but she does require that your blog post is at least 1,000 words and you write in 2nd person format.

You can read through All Moms Blog guest post requirements on their submission page here.

#14. Global Moms Magazine [DA 23]

Global Moms Magazine is a popular online magazine for moms that offers guest post opportunities for blogs/businesses looking to improve their brand visibility and SEO. They accept content-sharing tips and tricks on the daily life of motherhood and solving problems. Your guest post should be 1000-3000 words.

Learn more about the requirements for guest posting for Global Moms Magazine here.

#15. Chaos & Wine [DA 24]

Chaos and Wine is a motherhood blog that is looking for guests to post covering natural wellness, homeschool, and mom life. She asks that any guests post made on the site must be original, never published content and be SEO optimized. Posts should also be a minimum of 1,000 words and contain 4-5 images.

You can submit your guest post idea to using the provided contact form on her website here.

#16. Nomad Veronica [DA 25]

Nomad Veronica is a blog covering a variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, family, kids, marriage, money, nomad life, travel, and more. She asks that you do clearly format your guest post submissions using headings, subheadings, and bullet points when appropriate and that your submission be between 1,000 and 1,800 words.

You can learn more about submitting a guest post at Nomad Veronica here.

#17. Mom After Baby [DA 31]

Mom After Baby is another typical mom blog that also has a touch of “influencer” which would be a great option if you’re looking for paid sponsorship opportunities in addition to guest posting. She does not list any specific requirements for guest posting, but asks that you reach out directly via her email.

You can find her email and further information about her blog here.

#18. Imperfectly Perfect Mama [DA 34]

Imperfectly Perfect Mama is a great site for all moms with all types of parenting styles and experiences. She accepts guest posts covering being a mom, a new mom, a postpartum mom, a healthy mom, a stressed mom, an anxious mom, a happy mom, and anything in between. This content should be original, have structure (H2 & H3), and be at least 1,000 words. If you contribute 2+ times, you will have a spot on her contributors page.

To learn more about guest posting for Imperfectly Perfect Mama, you can check out her guidelines here.

#19. These Hungry Kids [DA 36]

These Hungry Kids is a mom/motherhood blog that accepts guest posts covering motherhood, parenting, postpartum, and pregnancy. All guest posts must be original and exclusive to the website and must be at least 800 words.

You can reach out to These Hungry Kids for a guest post here.

#20. Blunders in Babyland [DA 36]

Blunders in Babyland is a mom-owned blog that aims to help new and expecting moms overcome the challenges of early motherhood. They accept guest posts covering pregnancy & fertility, newborn, infant, toddler, breastfeeding advice, postpartum tips, self-care for moms of babies and toddlers, early motherhood tips in general. You post should be at least 1,000 words and be completely original content.

You can learn more about their requirements and pitch your ideas for Blunders in Babyland here.

#21. Mommy Enlightened [DA 37]

Mommy Enlightened is one of the classic mom blogs that accept guest posts and follow a typical blog setup. While she covers a variety of topics in motherhood, she doesn’t have specific topics she asks guest posters to cover. As such, there is also no specific submission style or word counts that are publicly known.

You can reach out to Mommy Enlightened about guest posting here.

#22. Teach Workout Love [DA 37]

Teach Workout Love is a motherhood blog for the “moms who do it all.” They accept posts covering motherhood, parenting, inspirational motherhood stories, traveling experiences, recipes, DIY projects, life stories, career guides, and maternity and childcare. They do ask that you follow traditional SEO structure using H2s and H3s and have a minimum word count of 1,000 words.

You can check out the rest of their guest post requirements here.

#23. Momtivational [DA 40]

Momtivational is a mom blog that covers all aspects of motherhood. While she does accept guest posts (and openly says so), there are no specific requirements or topics.

You can find Momtivational’s contact information to reach out about guest posting here.

#24. Journey of Parenthood [DA 41]

Journey of Parenthood is a motherhood blog that accepts guest posts with the caveat that they do not feel spammy in nature. While she is always ready to include fellow mommy bloggers, she wants to ensure that all of her content is authentic and genuine in opinion.

You can learn how to reach out for a guest post with Journey of Parenthood here.

#25. Motherhood Later [DA 41]

Motherhood Later is a mom blog for moms “later in life” that focuses on sharing wisdom and tips with their audience. Your guest post should be around 800 words and should not be promotional content.

You can learn how to submit a guest post for Motherhood Later here.

#26. Just Simply Mom [DA 43]

Just Simply Mom is a mom blog covering many aspects of motherhood and accepting guest posts covering pregnancy & conception, childbirth, postpartum, newborns & babies, feeding, toddlers, home, family travel, saving money, and open letters. All blog posts should include headings and subheadings, should be in how-to or list format, and be 1,200 words or more.

You can submit a guest post to Just Simply Mom by following the instructions here.

#27. Undefining Motherhood [DA 44]

Undefining Motherhood is a motherhood blog that is looking for guest posts covering the topics of motherhood, child-rearing, birth, and any other facet of being a “mother.” They have no specific guest post requirements publicly listed, but do require a short pitch for your guest post submission (300-400 words).

You can submit your guest post request via the form on their website here.

#28. WayFM [DA 49]

WayFM is a radio channel that also runs a blog on its website. Faith-based, the website is looking for guest posts speaking on God, Church, Culture, and Lifestyle – including motherhood. You will need to submit a summary of your article or the full article when pitching your guest post idea.

You can submit your guest post for WayFM here.

#29. Everything Mom [DA 51]

Everything Mom is a motherhood blog and parenting website looking for guest posts covering tips and advice from experts, stories, personal essays, inspiration from moms, and recipe and craft ideas. Depending on the type of article you plan to submit you will have different expectations on how it should be written.

Learn more about Everything Mom’s guest post requirements here.

#30. A Mountain Momma [DA 54]

A Mountain Momma is an “online mom blog community of moms” that offers guest posting opportunities covering business, food and recipes, health and beauty, home improvement, kids and babies, lifestyle, money saving, parenting, fashion, women’s health, travel, gardening, and DIY. Articles should be 700-1,500 words and should be completely original and unpublished elsewhere.

You can connect with A Mountain Momma about guest posting via email here.

#31. Abc Baby Life [DA 54]

Abc Baby Life is a parenting blog that accepts guest posts from parents of all backgrounds. They allow guest posting on topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, baby life, toddler life, activities for young kids, activities for preschoolers, and similar. They do have a few guest post requirements that you must read through before writing your post.

You can learn more and submit your guest post for Abc Baby Life here.

#32. Life as Mama [DA 55]

Life as Mama is a motherhood and DIY blog that is looking for guest posts about trending Pinterest topics, inspirational and uplifting stories about motherhood, fun and easy recipes for the whole family, and DIY projects you think other moms would like to try. Posts should be original and at least 500 words and should not be promotional in nature.

You can view the full requirements and submit your guest post pitch for Life as Mama here.

#33. For Every Mom [DA 57]

For Every Mom is a motherhood blog that is accepting guest posts covering baby, kids, teens, millennials, marriage, and faith. Submitted blogs should be 600-2,000 words long and feel authentic.

You can submit your guest post for For Every Mom here.

#34. Motherhood Truth [DA 58]

Motherhood Truth is a motherhood blog with Christian values, meaning that all blog post submissions must be aligned with those values. She requires that all guest post submissions cover a topic within the healthy lifestyle niche which can include nontoxic cleaning, herbalism, natural wellness, home management, food info or recipes, non-alcholic drink recipes or info, welcoming a new family member, supporting moms, homeschooling, parenting, strengthening your marriage, gardening, homesteading, etc. She also has a minimum word count of 2,500 words.

You can learn more about guest posting on Motherhood Truth here.

#35. Her View From Home [DA 61]

Her View From Home is a mom blog that accepts contributors constantly. They are currently looking for guest posts covering family, parenting, kids, relationships, faith and grief. Your article should be “timely” and in-line with current events, articles should also range from 600-800 words.

You can learn more about guest posting with Her View From Home here.

#36. Motherly [DA 70]

Motherly is a high-DA mom blog and publication that accepts original, unique stories as well as guest posts by experts. Stories should range from 600-1,500 words and be exclusive to the Motherly website. Competition is high for an article on Motherly, so do not be surprised if you need to submit multiple articles to get approved.

You can learn more about Motherly’s contribution program here.

How to Pitch to Mom Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Pitching to high DA mom blogs that accept guest posts | The Comma Mama Co.

First, you’re not going to pitch to every single one on the list. Instead, you’re going to find the websites that align most with your business and content. Next, you’re going to consider their requirements – what can you realistically commit to?

Lastly, you’re going to pitch in an authentic, non-scammy way. For example, what you do NOT want to do is ask or pay for a backlink. Most of these websites, particularly the high DA motherhood and parenting blogs, receive quite a few guest post pitches per day. While some of these are from legitimate businesses and other blogs, many are from automated services and backlink buyers.

To make your pitch authentic, introduce yourself and your blog, what your passion or purpose is, and why you feel that your information is valuable to their audience – and not why their backlink is valuable to you.

I Don’t Have Time to Write Guest Posts, What Can I Do?

Most blog writers and SEO experts focus on optimization or writing – it’s key to find an expert that offers both. Building backlinks and establishing your online presence is a key aspect of SEO that helps your overall website and search performance. Essentially, if you don’t have time to write guest posts but know that it’s an element of your marketing strategy that you need right now, outsource!

If you need help improving your brand visibility and SEO online, reach out The Comma Mama Co. today!

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