How to make the most out of your Pinterest Cover Photo

If you have a Pinterest account (and if you don’t, you should), you’re probably familiar with your Pinterest profile cover – aka that huge collection of assorted pins sitting above your profile picture. 

Did you know that you could change it?

Recently, Pinterest introduced *NEW* cover options, including photos and videos with a ratio of 16:9. How does this help you? Well, you can start getting creative for one.

Imagine utilizing your cover photo to promote your service or upcoming challenge or webinar. You’d be able to bring so much more attention to an event that you’re already promoting on every other platform. 

The question is, would it really make a difference?

Why your Pinterest cover matters:

Yes, your Pinterest cover matters. Pinterest is all about promoting their new features with story pins and videos being prioritized on their new feed. The same goes for their new profile options.

Even MORE importantly, Pinterest is emphasizing new content, making your Pinterest community and SEO *THAT* much more important when attempting to create a viral pin. Time to get with it and make our profiles stand out!

Still, you don’t HAVE to change up your cover photo – but you’ve got options:

The Classic Cover

@thestellarstory – curated gifting service

Ah, the classic Pin-feed cover featuring your best pins from your favorite boards (or specific boards you’ve picked behind-the-scenes). There’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic. Here’s what we know: 

Pinterest kept it as an option, so they’re obviously not over it.

If they didn’t want you to use it, they’d remove the feature or age it out. When they don’t like something – they change it. Take for example your account name, you used to have more characters to use UNTIL they reduced it. You’re a lucky one if you’ve been grandfathered in!

The Video Cover

my personal, @commamamaco – pinterest manager and blogger

Introducing the Video Cover, the fun cover. I’ve seen amazing and creative things completed with a proper video cover BUT it takes time and professionalism. It’s like recording a quality Youtube video – it’s about the quality.

My cover is a simple animated video cover created in Canva to test how well video covers work – so far, so good. 

The Photo Cover

@howtobeafreelancer – Copywriter

Welcome to my personal favorite: the photo cover. The photo cover is the easiest way to get creative with your profile and make a statement. You can upload a simple picture of yourself, or create a layered photo with your logo (made in Canva btw) like the one I made for the client above.

The benefit of having a personalized photo cover is standing out AND putting your personality and brand on Pinterest. Your audience can scroll down and see your pins, don’t make it what they see on your cover too.

Your Next Step

Ready to start optimizing your Pinterest account for your blog or business? Your first step is the first impression – your cover photo. It’s the first thing people see when pulling up your account, why not make it count?

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