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How to Make Content Creation Easier This Summer

How to Make Content Creation Easier This Summer Featured Image | Woman Sitting Outside with Her Dog Enjoying the Summertime

May 10, 2024




I have a love for words and a knack for SEO – and as a mama, I know just how challenging it can be to run a business while raising a family. This blog is just one of the many resources you’ll find here that’ll help you boost your online visibility without sacrificing your sanity.
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Summer is coming, and while that means your days are filled with sunshine, waterparks, and zoo trips, it also means something else for us mamas in business — our littles are back home and out of school.

And, even if you’re not a mom, summertime is when you’re ready to get out of the house, travel a bit, and really take advantage of being a business owner. Since our clients are our main focus, our own content is the first thing to go in this busy season.

So, what do you do? You figure out how to make content creation easier this summer! With all the scheduling apps out there, you can absolutely stay active on socials, your website, and just continue to exist online without being online 24/7.

Even if you’re not a fan of scheduling your content social media content, I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips that make both short-form and long-form content creation and content writing easier — all that’s left for you to do is focus on spending quality time with your littles this year.

4 Ways to Make Content Creation Easier This Summer

Creating B-Roll Film for Your Summer Content | The Comma Mama Co.

Now, I know I said I’d make content creation easier during the summer, but I also want you to know that if you want to take a break and only focus on one or two platforms, do it! You can absolutely still apply these content creation tips.

Part of continuing to show up is feeling good about the content you’re creating and staying consistent — two things that rarely happen if you feel forced or pressured to show up everywhere online.

Since the mini-disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get into the ways you can make content creation easier this summer:

#1. Batch Your B-Rolls!

This tip is for all the short-form video marketing you have to do this summer (and technically, you can apply this to your year-round content creation). What you need to do is batch your B-roll film.

A b-roll is essentially a video of you doing anything, aka just doing “your thing,” whether that’s working at your computer doing client work or putting away this week’s laundry. Literally just set up your phone and start recording — and pro tip, don’t look at it today! Reference it only when you need to post something, and you’re like, “Oh sh*t, I need a video.”

I’ve seen some really cool tips for this lately, too. Try going out with your partner or friend on a b-roll date, filming a few coffee moments, and walking to your favorite bookstore. Can’t get away from your littles? Grab a few shots of your feet (and theirs) running around.

#2. Pre-Write (or Record) Your Long Form Content

Technically, I have two long-form content platforms (my blog and the pod) that I actively maintain and post on — it’s my short-form platforms like Facebook and Instagram that I tend to ignore (and that’s okay). So, my priority for the summer is going to be my two long-form content platforms, which means I’m going to pre-write and pre-record a weekly post and episode.

Although I’ll have a good bit of content prep, I can repurpose content I already have to help me out (in fact, this blog post is repurposed from a reel I posted using a b-roll that’s almost two years old in April). Plus, I’ll be able to further repurpose this post into something else on another platform — like a podcast episode, an Instagram carousel, or even another reel.

Felly from Felly Day Studios has some amazing resources on creating your own content repurposing workflow. 10/10 recommend!

#3. Collaborate

May to August are the months of collaboration and cooperation here at The Comma Mama Co! I welcome new podcast guests, accept guest posts, and guest for other programs and platforms while I pause taking on new clients — I do it all!

Collaboration is such a good way to share the workload and continue to stay visible during the summer. For example, this summer, on the podcast, I’m doing a series teaching my listeners how to build their business from the ground up and why each one impacts your sales and SEO (because everything is friggin connected), and each episode will feature an expert in the related industry.

In July, I’ll be a paid guest speaker in a marketing membership, which will help both cash flow and get my name out there in the slow summer months. Also, if summer isn’t your intentional — or unintentional — slow season, you can apply these tips whenever you need them!

#4. Schedule it Out As You Go

I’m forever guilty of prepping my content and forgetting to schedule it (even with my super-amazing blog content calendar). My biggest tip? Schedule it NOW, like, as soon as you finish it. Will you potentially forget when you have it scheduled? Maybe. But will it actually be published and not sit in your drafts for the next two months (or two years)? YES.

This also prevents you from stressing about if it’s “good enough” or being as self-conscious when showing up. The whole point is figuring out how to make content creation easier this summer — but it won’t get you very far if the content you create never sees the light of day.

The Key to Enjoying Your Summer With a Little Less Stress

Woman Taking a Photo during the Summer and Making Content Creation Easier | The Comma Mama Co.

TL;DR: Take some steps now to save yourself a lot of stress (and time) later. But don’t stress if you don’t. You can absolutely disappear for a few months and come back when you’re ready to focus on your business. I’ve done it multiple times while I focused on carrying and raising my babies.

Rather than doing everything, focus on your most important or enjoyable platforms. When you enjoy the content you’re creating — so will your audience.

And remember, you don’t have to do it alone. There are so many DIY resources that can support you and your content that it’s almost like having a personal assistant whispering in your ear what comes next and what to do.

When you’re ready for blogging or SEO, I’ll be here. Check out our DIY blog resources in the Shop or the full SEO and blog content creation here and start saving time to spend doing what you truly love this summer.

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