What is a Pinterest Manager? What Do They Do?

July 15, 2021

Whether you’re a blogger or an online business owner (creative or professional), you’ve likely heard of a platform called Pinterest. Pinterest is an online social media platform and search engine that you can use to market and share your content – and when you don’t want to do it yourself, you hire a Pinterest Manager.

What is a Pinterest Manager? A Pinterest Manager, also known as a Pinterest Strategist or Pinterest Virtual Assistant, is a freelancer or agency that helps you with your Pinterest marketing. With varying degrees of experience and expertise, a Pinterest manager or VA may help you with your entire Pinterest or only with tasks like pinning or pin design.

Pinterest is the marketing platform that most business owners didn’t know they needed. And like any good marketing platform, there are those that are specialists in the field – like Pinterest Managers and Pinterest VAs. But, what the heck does a Pinterest Manager actually do?

What is a Pinterest Manager? What Do Pinterest Managers Do?

What is a Pinterest Manager? What Do Pinterest Managers Do?

You shouldn’t be surprised by this, but a Pinterest Manager can be multiple things on any given day – it just depends on what they offer. Most Pinterest Managers tend to do one to all of these things while serving their clients:

  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Community Engagement

And, when working on a month to month basis, managers typically create monthly – or quarterly – analytics reports to cover how your account is performing and any strategy changes they may do!

In all honesty, a Pinterest Manager may be doing even MORE than that. Pinterest is such a versatile platform and updates every week, meaning marketers must learn to adapt – and where many hats at once.

Overall, a Pinterest Manager is someone who handles all things Pinterest so that you, a blogger or business owner, don’t have to.

Why You Might Hire a Pinterest Manager…

While not all businesses and blogs will easily thrive on Pinterest, bloggers and creative business owners have a huge opportunity to generate more traffic to their website, build their brand’s visibility, and even sell their products and services.

Pinterest can even help you boost your SEO by building both no-follow and do-follow backlinks. Backlinks improve your off-page SEO which can help you rank for more difficult keywords and attract your ideal clients through Google search engines.

Essentially, Pinterest could be the thing to establish your business or blog online and help you hit both your goals!

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When Should You Hire a Pinterest Manager for a Blog or Business?

When Should You Hire a Pinterest Manager for a Blog or Business?

There are three situations that show it’s time to hire a Pinterest Manager, and you should NEVER hire out when you can’t afford to outsource – this will come back to bite you in the butt, especially with platforms that rely on SEO and have a slower initial growth period.

Anyways, these three situations are when:

  1. You’re seeing some results from Pinterest, but you don’t want to or no longer have time to DIY anymore.
  2. You want to establish your brand across the web and Pinterest is the platform you want to expand to.
  3. You have a Pinterest-ready blog or business, but you don’t want to DIY and see the potential of Pinterest marketing.

While there may be additional situations or reasons, these are the most popular ones I see as a Pinterest Manager – and the ones that bring the best results and satisfaction to the client (you).

If one or more of those apply to you and you’re ready to invest in Pinterest Marketing, fill out our Pinterest interest form and let’s chat!

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