How to Create a Viral Pin on Pinterest

I’ve whispered the mysterious words on Pinterest: the viral pin. The golden ticket to supposedly unlimited site traffic, re-pins, and potential followers… I bet you’re wondering how the heck you actually get one though!

Viral pins is a phrase that’s been in the Pinterest marketing world since Pinterest marketing became a thing – mainly because viral pins are pins that ‘don’t go out of style’ or ‘don’t expire’ on Pinterest.

No matter how long they exist, they stick around and send traffic to the original pinner or site.

Sounds like something you need for your blog or biz, right? Well, here’s how to make a viral pin:

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#1. Use a Fresh Link

Pinterest likes to favor new content when pinning new pins, so links that have never been pinned before have priority over those that have! This is NOT the determining factor however…

Ultimately it’s the link and pin combo that leads to those immediate conversions, which leads me to step #2:

#2. Captivating Pin Graphic

Your pin graphic needs to be new, fresh, SEO optimized, and captivating! This means if your content will work with a CTA, add a CTA! You’ll also want to include one or two of your main keywords on the graphic (preferably in the title and not just thrown on there) as well as an image relating to the pin itself!

More on those keywords though, as they’re what truly matters when trying to get a pin to go viral…

#3. Optimize for SEO

Yes, Pinterest has SEO. I know it’s already annoying trying to maintain your website for Google SEO, but Pinterest has its own too! Do your keyword research and implement the best keyword placement practices to ensure your pin goes viral!

Still, there’s a bit more to thriving on Pinterest than just getting a few viral pins! If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on all things Pinterest marketing follow me on Instagram or Pinterest!

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