How to Repurpose Your Idea Pins Using a Pinterest Downloader

October 19, 2021

I’ve talked about how to repurpose your content FOR idea pins, but did you know that you can also repurpose your idea pins and post them on other social media platforms? Essentially, idea pins are short-form videos that you can download and reupload onto other platforms to grow your reach.

These platforms include:

  • Youtube Shorts
  • Tiktok
  • IG Reels

Just add a little bit of trending audio (if you don’t already have audio attached to your idea pin), add your description or caption, and post. This is a personal content hack that I actually use on my IG account if you’d like to check it out.

Using a Pinterest Downloader

Just like you can download your Tiktok and IG videos through a third-party website, you can download your idea pins by visiting – it’s simple to use, it just makes you click out of whatever pop-up ad they have.

Pinterest downloader

Because these Pinterest downloaders are third-party downloaders, you’ll sometimes encounter errors when downloading. Please keep in mind that these downloaders should only be used to download content that you’ve created – not steal content from others.

Native Pinterest Idea Pin Downloader

While – as of this exact moment – my Pinterest app is NOT allowing me to download an idea pin and reupload it directly, the feature was briefly available long enough for me to reupload it as an Instagram reel. The reel performed similarly on Instagram as it did on Pinterest.

This just shows that Pinterest IS working on creating a feature that allows users to download and share the idea pins they’ve created – with a Pinterest idea pin logo of course.

Repurposing Content from Pinterest Idea Pins

It’s only natural that Pinterest is treated as a secondary sharing platform when it comes to sharing and creating short-form video content – it was one of the last to introduce it. But, as Pinterest catches up and creates more competitive features, it will become more popular (and easier) to create idea pins and reshare/repurpose them to other platforms instead of vice versa.

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