The Profitable Product Lab: Guide to Creating Digital Products

March 10, 2021

One of the biggest reasons I push Pinterest marketing for online entrepreneurs is that it is the BEST platform to start evergreen sales funnels after creating a digital product – but first, you have to ACTUALLY have a digital product.

Back in August of 2020, before the Post-it to Pin-it 30 Days of Pinterest Content Kit was even a thought, I had a business coach that helped me take my service-based business and take it to the next level through marketing and creating alternative streams of income… Like digital products.

While I was already marketing digital products on Pinterest for my clients, I did not have one of my own as I didn’t know where to begin – I mean, what would I offer besides templates (which were becoming way over saturated in the Pinterest market)?

Of course, she knew exactly what to do and how to help (as was her job) and took me step by step through the process of planning, designing, and launching a digital product. And her step-by-step guide is what led me to creating MY personal product, which brought in around $300 in the first week after launch!

Considering I didn’t have a large audience and that it was my FIRST product since being introduced to the industry… I’ll take that as a win!

What the heck is the Profitable Product Lab?

You’re probably wondering what the Profitable Product Lab actually is – well, it’s the publicly available version of what she taught me! 

Not long after wrapping up my digital product with her (and helping another entrepreneur create theirs), she created a digital product of her own to teach others to make digital products! 

Essentially, she takes you through her step-by-step process of creating your product NOW. Not in a year, not in 3 months, but 30 days (it’s a great place to start if you don’t feel like you’re ready to tackle Pinterest!).

TECHNICALLY, she’s narrowed it down for bloggers – but, I promise you whether you’re a blogger or not this is the BEST starter kit for making a digital product!

What’s Offered in the Lab?

Since the lab is designed to help you create a product and get $$$ in 30 days, she’s packed it FULL of different trainings, workbooks, marketing calendars, and sales blueprints!

You’ll essentially get:

  • 11 trainings on creating profitable particle products, mastering your sales page, and researching your audience
  • Step-by-step workbooks for creating your profitable product AND walking you through how to create your product in 30 days or less
  • Click-up & Asana Calendar templates guiding you through creating, launching, and selling your digital product
  • Launch blueprints and autopilot sales formula

Plus, she has her own Facebook Community you can join to ask questions and get feedback before launch!

Is it Worth the Investment?

In my honest opinion, she’s underpriced it. I mean, it was a huge part of her business coaching that led me to success! But, I get where she’s coming from! The Profitable Product lab is typically $37, BUT she’s offering a special 10% discount to The Comma Mama Co readers! 

But, you have to shop through here >>> Click here for your discount

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