2021 Pinterest Updates

May 18, 2021

In the latest Pinterest Update news, Pinterest has updated their story pin feature – renaming it Idea Pins, and are testing Pinterest Live Events to specific users. What seems to be a mimic of the current social media platforms, Pinterest is showing that they’re not ready to be left behind, but the real question is, how does this affect you?

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Pinterest Story Pins to Idea Pins

A rather simple update, but one that means that Story Pins – ahem – I mean Idea Pins being renamed and clarified will hopefully lead to the distribution across more countries and accessible for most users and businesses.

Idea Pins remain the same size (I recommend 900px x 1600px), and you can add up to 20 images or videos.

These videos and images can be label using Pinterest’s text overlay feature to create a title or label.

In addition to being renamed, the feature is now more user-friendly for those who are not creating a DIY or recipe Idea Pin, allowing you to instead add ‘notes’ and a list.

Additionally, while it has not been released yet, Pinterest has shown that they are working towards allowing you to create ads with Idea Pins! It’s still not the best deal, but it may come in handy when they announce and integrate new features in the future.

Testing Live Events on Pinterest – May 24th through May 26th

Available to some users who are using the Pinterest App on their IOS or Android Device, Pinterest is testing a NEW Live Event feature where you can attend classes and sessions hosted by popular creators (at least, for the test run).

Over the course of three days, approximately 21 creators will host classes that will allow users to attend, discuss, and possibly shop through. Each class will be moderated by Pinterest employees and will be held to the same standards as any other Pinterest post.

Users will be able to set reminders to attend and watch the Live sessions – although the creator will not be receiving income based on the video. While a great step towards adapting to new video demands from users, it’s not quite as much as an attractive offer for creators.

Pinterest has yet to announce or show ANY interest in creating a ‘creator fund’ or allow users to monetize through the app their sessions (although much has yet to be developed). Depending on how well this test goes will be what they base their needs off of – I’m honestly intrigued to see the results.

What do you think?

With the recent Pinterest Updates that we experienced at the beginning of 2021 and end of 2020, I’m surprised (and not) that they’re trying such adventurous updates to compete with the current social media platforms. I’m also curious to see how well their updates do on the user-end.

Pinterest has become increasingly user-friendly and has attempted to cater to their wants and needs, as any platform should stay relevant, but it’s come at the expense of creators getting banned, blocked, and spammed in the glitches. Hopefully, Pinterest will learn from this and develop a way to benefit creators as much as users.

What do YOU think?

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