How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic Using These 9 Simple Tips

December 11, 2021

Pinterest is becoming a bigger and bigger place for business owners and bloggers to grow, monetize, learn, and inspire. If you have been following me for some time then by now you have to know how important Pinterest is but in case you don’t, just take my word for it because Pinterest is HUGE! The big question is, “How do I leverage Pinterest to get all this awesome traffic and money you speak of?” 

Good question! I’m going to walk you through 9 hacks, things, ways, whatever you want to call them that you can use Pinterest to get everything you desire!

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1. Pinterest SEO

Are you ready to grow your business and blog using Pinterest? Here are the top Pinterest hacks for your business and blog to grow in 2022...

If you are on Pinterest for your blog or business and you haven’t put any work into Pinterest SEO then you need too. Pinterest SEO alone will quadruple the traffic to your blog, business, products and more. It’s so important and so necessary for that growth! Do your keyword research and sprinkle those keywords throughout your profile, in your board descriptions, in your pin descriptions and in the pin design itself to make sure you are optimized! 

TIP: Focus on ONE keyword that you would like to rank on and then prioritize that keyword throughout the pin design and the description.

2. Create Boards Based on Keywords

Back to the SEO piece we just talked about above, once you do keyword research you will start getting good ideas on what boards you need to create for your audience. Pinterest is giving you EVERYTHING you need to know about what your audience is searching for, so use that information to the best of its ability!

TIP: Having boards that are similar but ranking on different keywords is OKAY. For example: “How to Start a Blog for Beginners” and “Blogging 101” may seem like the same board but board title #1 is ranking on “how to start a blog” & “for beginners” while board title #2 is just ranking on “blogging”

3. Create Different Types of Pins for each Post

You should be creating 1-2 new pins for each new post you write and for old posts every single week. Within the pins, you should be creating different TYPES of pins. Mix up your variations of pins as you create them. Don’t always use the same templates, the same pictures or the same fonts on each new pin you make. There are tons of different templates out there OR you could create your own to stick out. Each pin template will attract a different audience that is within your niche. You want to make sure you are reaching as many people as possible!

4. NEVER delete boards *kind of*

When you are starting out you should NEVER delete boards or pins. The only time you should ever do so is if you are advised to by a Pinterest coach, specialist, or expert. The reason why I say this is because I do *sometimes* delete boards and pins for myself and my clients based on the goals, analytics, and overall status of the Pinterest account. 

That being said, I don’t want to lie and say NEVER EVER delete boards and pins because sometimes that is necessary but make sure you consult someone first or you may:

  1. Lose followers
  2. Lose monthly viewers 
  3. Lose progress
  4. Traffic to your website

5. Pin 99% of your own content

Are you ready to grow your business and blog using Pinterest? Here are the top Pinterest hacks for your business and blog to grow in 2022...

Something a LOT of bloggers and Pinterest gurus tell you to do is use the 80/20 rule. This rule DOES NOT WORK. It temporarily works but at some point, you are going to hit a plateau and you aren’t going to be able to grow anymore. So, I am going to go against what everyone is saying and give you a HUGE look into a part of my Pinterest strategy and tell you to not pin other people’s content unless it comes naturally – as in you’re using it for regular business inspiration or support, and even then it’s a maybe.

6. Create new pins for new and old posts every week

You should ALWAYS be creating new pins. Every single week. Yes, it’s a lot BUT it is so so worth it. Pinterest is ALWAYS prioritizing fresh content and their latest features.

Keeping a good rotation from the old urls and new prevents spammy behavior and provides more diversity in your recent pins/content. I’ve used both a spreadsheet and just memorization to keep track of which urls I’m pinning – ultimately it’s up to you to find something that works best.

7. Use a Scheduler (like Tailwind or Pallyy) for best growth/monetization

Are you ready to grow your business and blog using Pinterest? Here are the top Pinterest hacks for your business and blog to grow in 2022...
Pallyy Social, an up-and-coming all-in-one social media scheduler

If you don’t already know what Tailwind is, Tailwind is an amazing platform that allows you to schedule your pins to ensure they are going out at the best most optimal times of the day. Manual pinning is dead in my opinion and is a complete waste of time. 

NOTE: Manual pinning does still work for some people but it is not something that has ever worked for me and I am happy it doesn’t because I do not want to be tied to my Pinterest account all the time. Tailwind and my strategy allows me to log in to Tailwind and Pinterest once a week, do all my pinning and then walk away. 

8. Always recreate viral pins

Viral video pin featuring the Facebook Engagement Boutique Bundle for Moms

If you come across the glorious experience of a viral pin you are going to be:

  1. Excited
  2. Wondering how you can keep it going viral + get your other posts to go viral too. 

ALWAYS recreate your viral pins for your other posts. What this means is, if you have a pin go viral, save that pin template and use it to create pins for other posts. 

This also means to create similar templates with the same wording but different images and descriptions for the same posts to keep them going viral! You should always be trying to get your pins to go viral. 

9. Create Monthly Analytics Reports

If you are not already doing this then you NEED to start right now. I do this for every single one of my Pinterest clients every single month and the reason why I do is because it is so so important. You cannot just be pinning week after week and not going back to see if they are doing well.

Each month you should sit down to see which pins have done the best, which pins did the worst and figure out ways to improve your strategy and make changes for more growth! This one tip will change your whole Pinterest strategy but you have to actually commit to doing it! 

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