How to Launch Your Online Business on Pinterest

You’ve started your online business, now what? Marketing. Mainly social media, a bit of email, and some SEO – but, have you launched your business on Pinterest yet?

Pinterest is my evergreen sales funnel… which is why I always recommend starting and launching your business on Pinterest soon after you’ve built up some content on your website.

It’s a way to drive organic traffic, leads, and email subscribers to your website without having to constantly be ‘present’ on the account – you just pin and go!

Of course, your account has to be set-up and optimized properly to start pinning! But, once you start, your account can pretty much hold its own as long as you stay consistent.

AND, there’s a way to launch your business on Pinterest SUCCESSFULLY in only 30 days!

📌 HEADS UP: If you’re just getting started on Pinterest, I highly suggest checking out my free Pinterest Starter checklist that takes you step by step through setting up and optimizing your Pinterest account to start pinning successfully! You can download it here.

Step #1: Set up and optimize your Pinterest account!

There is absolutely no reason (or benefit) to pinning to an unoptimized account. It won’t help your pins rank, your boards won’t make sense, and Pinterest will NOT see you as an active or authentic account. 

Setting up your account includes verifying/claiming your site and socials, adding relevant pics and boards, creating your profile, and really working on nailing down the little details – like keywords.

I actually offer a FREE Pinterest checklist to help out >>> Download your checklist here.

Step #2: Establish when, where, what, and how to pin!

Just like you don’t want to pin to an unoptimized account, you also don’t want to just pin anything, everything, anywhere, or any time.

To pin successfully, you should pin consistently and with quality – meaning your making new content to pin, new pins, and you’re creating a good routine for where and when to pin! 

Step #3: Prepare your templates ahead of time!

Pinterest is just another platform to show off your work and start generating leads… So, you’ll want to make sure you’re consistent with your branding and are keeping a clean page.

To do this, I highly recommend finding or creating a set of templates covering each content type before getting started. It’ll also help cut time in the future when you start pinning new content.

Step #4: Pin with a plan!

This is very similar to Step #2, except this is more about what is your pin GOING to? What is its purpose? 

Are you pinning for additional traffic? Are you trying to get new leads? Are you trying to increase your digital product sales?

Every pin should have a purpose – it should be content that will start accomplishing your target goals. For example, one of my goals is to grow my email list so a lot of my pins lead to content related to (or directly to) my lead magnet!

What do I do next?

I’ll be honest, that was a lot of information that takes a lot of time to prepare and get started pinning. But, once you get into a good grove, you won’t need to worry about the start-up so much and just about the pinning!

I did decide to make it a little easier – I created a kit complete with templates, a content calendar, and a step-by-step pinning how-to guide to help you launch your business on Pinterest in 30 days! 

You can get it here >>> Post-it to Pin-it!

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