How to Increase Your Pinterest Impressions

Your success on Pinterest does not rely on your Pinterest impression – but, it can be a great metric to measure whether or not your strategy is going in the right direction! The main metric you should pay attention to on Pinterest is your click-throughs (aka outbound link clicks). While you’re working on building those up, you can start trying to figure out how to increase your Pinterest impressions!

If you didn’t know, Pinterest impressions is the total amount of times your pin has been viewed. This includes the same person seeing it multiple times, users scrolling past your pin, and users who actually click on or interact with your pin.

Once you have a significant amount of impressions or, rather, your impressions are increasing daily – you should start focusing on creating more ‘clickable’ content, but more on that later… For now, we have to identify why your pins aren’t getting the impressions you need and what you can do to increase them:

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Upgrade Your Pinterest Graphics + Photos

Whether you’re an e-commerce biz, blogger, or service-based business, you pin design and images play a HUGE part in how well your pin will perform and if Pinterest will distribute your pin to users. Pinterest is a visual search engine, meaning it’s not just about your keywords, but about how well your images relate to your content and the consumer.

If you’re a product based business, start experimenting with Pinterest templates and text overlay. Also, try including images of consumers using (or wearing) your product! An photo with a little action is going to perform better than an unstylized photo on a plain background.

Other users should focus on photo quality and pin design! I source my images from three main places >>

If you’re looking to start using templates and don’t want to design them yourself, I offer a few options in my own template shop that I use for clients!

Re-Pin Your Pins to Relevant Boards

Did you know you can repin your own pins through a scheduler? When using Pinterest, if your pins are not gaining the traction you would like you can repin to relevant or related boards to try and increase your reach. The best way to do this is by using Tailwind, a Pinterest pin scheduler.

After setting up your Pinterest account and connecting it to your Tailwind, you can start scheduling your pins to publish. When scheduling a pin with a fresh link (one you’ve never pinned before), I recommend picking three relevant boards to pin it to and scheduling it out over the course of a week to a month.

Tailwind is extremely user-friendly, and they have a walk-through available after signing up which will take you step by step through setting up your account, creating your schedule, and pinning!

Start your Tailwind Trial now >> Start Your Free Trial!

Optimize + Re-Vamp Your Pinterest Account

9 times out of 10, your Pinterest account is not getting the impressions or views you want simply because you never optimized your account – or it’s time for a re-vamp!

Pinterest has recently undergone a few updates, meaning you might not have your profile up to date on their new features or you haven’t adapted your profile to meet their latest standards! Luckily, this one is an easy fix – but, you still might be in need of a complete Pinterest Account make-over…

Whether you just started on Pinterest or you’ve been a long-time user, you organic traffic and impressions rely heavily on profile + pin optimization – which in turn relies on how well you’ve done your keyword research and how well you’ve implemented it into your Pinterest strategy.

If you’ve never taken a minute to REALLY optimize your Pinterest account, I highly recommend getting Hannah L. Johnson’s Pinterest Starter Kit! It’s a $7 course that walks you through setting up, researching keywords, pinning, and more to optimize your Pinterest account.


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