Where to Place Your Keywords on Pinterest for SEO

February 11, 2021

Surprise, surprise Pinterest runs on SEO, just like Google. Which means more work for you, ish. Really, it’s just learning how to use Pinterest keywords the right way and work that SEO algorithm.

Pinterest keywords are words or phrases that Pinterest users type into the search bar to find the content they’re looking for.

Sound familiar? It should.

Pretty much all organic growth on the internet requires SEO and the use of keywords, Pinterest is no different.

How to Use Pinterest Keywords

One of the main reasons my – and my client’s – Pinterest accounts consistently grow is because I use keywords the right way. Meaning they’re strategically placed and not just thrown around!

If you want your pins to actually show up in Pinterest search, you’ll need to place your keywords in five main places:

  1. Pinterest Profile
  2. Board Titles
  3. Board Descriptions
  4. Pin Titles
  5. Pin Descriptions

When placing your keywords, please avoid the beginner’s mistake of repeating the same keyword over and over again! It doesn’t help the algorithm (in fact, it can have the opposite effect) and users treat your content as spam.

Your titles should be relevant to the content, if it’s a blog, your pin title should be the same although your graphic can vary. Your descriptions should sound natural while adding in keywords – you shouldn’t repeat your phrases and should instead mention the problem it solves and a synopsis of the solution all while mentioning relevant keywords.

Pinterest Stories & Your Pinterest SEO

Thanks to the new 2021 Pinterest update, most users now have access to Pinterest story pins! (Now known as Idea Pins)

These pins work similarly to Instagram stories in that they want you to piece together content to keep users on the app longer. Pinterest even made an entire section dedicated to ONLY story pins!

The downside: they don’t link to your site. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely useless!

Pinterest story pins offer tags (like video pins) that can connect your content even closer to your audience – this boosts your account placement in search.

Using story pins to add extra keyword placement to your Pinterest account will boost your rankings in the long run and send more traffic to your site!

Increasing Site Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest is often an overlooked source of traffic. Mainly because, like Google, it can take time to generate a decent amount of organic traffic.

Unlike Google, it doesn’t take over six months to see a return on your hard work – even for a brand new website!

By pinning strategically and setting your Pinterest account up for success, you can easily start generating consistent traffic to your site in less than 30 days!

If you want to learn more about getting started on Pinterest, you can learn more here.

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