3 Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Audience for FREE

February 12, 2021

$$$ is not always the answer – like right now. You’re trying to get more traffic to your site through Pinterest and lucky you, there are plenty of ways to grow your Pinterest audience for free!

HINT: It’ll only take you about 10 minutes too!

#1. Update Your Profile

You don’t have to do anything drastic, just give your Pinterest profile a little face-lift! You know it’s been a while if you still have pins as your cover photo – yikes!

Update your account info to match your name and brand (something Pinterest is pushing) rather than using it for an extra keyword spot. Of course, bonus points if you can manage both!

As for your profile bio, go ahead and pick a keyword or two to throw in, otherwise treat it similar to your Instagram bio! Make it catchy and informative, but not too lengthy!

#2. Fresh Constant Content

Creating fresh pins using Canva or another design service and pinning every day is the key to generating constant traffic on Pinterest. This doesn’t mean you need new links, just new pins!

Fresh pins are preferred over old, stale images that you’ve already used. If you don’t have time to create fresh pins, try pinning from Instagram and reusing content from other platforms.

#3. Take Advantage of Pinterest Features

In the past few years, Pinterest has started to evolve! First, you could start using different size pins, then it was organizing your boards, they added group boards, and now we have video pins and story pins!

Pinterest adds features that they want you to use, so take advantage of them! While they might not drive traffic directly to your website, they do bring users to your Pinterest profile, which is one step closer to your content that converts.

Psssst… this is where those handy dandy keyword placements come in.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Audience for FREE

As you’re trying to figure out which social media platform you need the most to promote your business (I’m partially biased towards Pinterest), you won’t have the ability to invest everywhere.

Free marketing solutions are key to creating a sturdy foundation for where you want to take your blog or business in the future!

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  1. Kim says:

    I am just starting to love Pinterest and these are great tips…especially the story pins! Although they’re not getting people on your site they drive traffic to you!

  2. I love Pinterest but I’ve had a hard time getting people to see my pins. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Adriane says:

    Great tips. Pinterest is a real thorn in my side right now.

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