17 Irresistibly Clickable Pinterest Pin Words

February 12, 2021

The number one question I’ll get because of this post:

What is a Pinterest Power Word?

Well, it’s that word that pulls you it – that attracts you to the otherwise normal pin (for the most part anyway). It’s the replacement for that bland, basic term that you were going to use – but now you’re not!

Here’s an example:

Original: “17 Strong Pinterest Pin Words”

New and Improved: “17 Irresistibly Clickable Pinterest Pin Words

See, the ‘irresistibly clickable’ is the power word. They’re my attention grabbers!

It’s the beauty of the English language and the psychology behind it!

How To Use Your Irresistible Pin Words:

I like to include my power words in my blog title, it just makes it easier on me. I don’t do it to all my posts, mainly the ones that I know are targeted to Pinterest (which this one OBVIOUSLY is).

Instead of adding it straight on the post, you can use it on your Pinterest pin design and title. This will also give you the opportunity to switch out your click-attracting words for others to see what works best for your audience.

Here’s another example:

Original: “How to build a blog”

New and Improved (only on pins):

  • “How to build a profitable blog”
  • “How to build a money-making blog”
  • “How to build a successful blog”

All essentially mean the same thing or are very similar to each other in meaning, but each gives a different feeling or emotion – which is the goal! We want to discover which feeling your audience is attracted to and target it.

The Most ‘Clickable’ Pin Words

I have a list that I prefer when picking my fancy pin words and of course I’ll share them with you! Sadly, you may not be able to benefit from all of them.

Even though they’re just words, you may not be able to use them often in your niche – like ‘profitable’ is not common in a fashion or recipe blog, but would make perfect sense for a finance or e-commerce blog.

It’s up to you to decide what works, and you can also always find and build a list of your own!

Anyways… Here’s my top 17 pin words for Pinterest:

  1. Profitable
  2. Growth
  3. Professional
  4. Easy
  5. Master
  6. Double
  7. Triple
  8. Benefits
  9. Increase
  10. Mistake
  11. Career
  12. Money-Making
  13. Powerful
  14. Successful
  15. Ultimate
  16. Hacks
  17. Skyrocket

Cool beans, right? (I feel like I say that a lot?)

Finding Words For You

Here’s my pin word secret:

The Thesaurus

It’s my best friend. If you’re not familiar with a thesaurus, it’s a resource that allows you to find antonyms (words that are the opposite of yours) and synonyms (words that are similar to yours).

Super easy to use too! Just pick your word, search it, and pick from the list of synonyms!

It even provides synonyms on the home page for frequently overused words like small, long, and great:

*Their synonyms:

Small = meager, minuscule, paltry

Long = lengthy, prolonged, protracted

Great = outstanding, superior, excellent

Now that you’ve got the process and idea down, go ahead and follow me on Pinterest for more tips and tricks!

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