3 Ways to Generate Leads Using Pinterest

March 2, 2021

I hear about driving traffic from Pinterest all the time – but what about using Pinterest as a way to get leads?

With their new direct messaging feature for Pinterest Business Accounts, Pinterest is becoming a way to generate leads on auto-pilot! And, it’s not JUST about building your email list – it’s about getting users to become clients!

While generating email leads is one of my favorite ways of generating sales, there’s a few more ways to start generating quality leads:

#1. Offer Case Studies

Thanks to the new Pinterest Story Pin feature, online business owners now have access to the ultimate presentation to promote their business to Pinterest users!

Although pushed for DIY and How-to’s, Story Pins can be utilized to show multiple aspects of your business or show off some hard-earned client results! This is just ONE example of how to add your case studies to your Pinterest Account!

#2. Integrate Your Offer Into Your Usual Pins

One of the easiest ways to start marketing your services or products on Pinterest is to integrate your offer into your usual pins! Create your offer as a solution or ‘how to’ solving what problem your clients may face before hiring you – or what they desire to accomplish.

This will generate click-throughs to your services or website where users can then look through the resources you offer!

#3. Add in Your Testimonials

Officially, I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to showing off my client pins, accounts, testimonials, and case studies… But, if you’re not looking to do it all, creating a few pins highlighting your client testimonials is the perfect way to start building trust on Pinterest.

As users scroll through your pins or visit your profile, they’ll be able to view any testimonials that you post! I always recommend either linking them to your services page OR if you have the testimonials posted directly, to link them directly on Pinterest!

If you’re ready to get started marketing your biz or blog on Pinterest, get started using my 30 Days of Pinterest Content Kit >>> Post-it to Pin-it

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