06 Winter Holiday Fonts to Use on Canva

October 3, 2022

We’ve covered spooky fonts and magical fonts, now it’s time for the winter and holiday-inspired fonts to use on Canva. When I think winter or holiday fonts, I typically think script style, a little wispy and elegant with a tid-bit of fun. Mainly, something formal, but cute if that even makes sense. The only exception is the elegant display fonts that are perfect for cards and wall decor that say “peace on earth” and other similar sayings.

Either way, let’s dig into my top six winter holiday fonts to use on Canva and why they’re my ultimate faves (and what I like to use them for):

#1. Golden Canva Font

Golden winter holiday font in Canva.

I won’t lie, Golden in Canva is probably one of my ultimate favorites when it comes to a script-style handwriting font. It feels both elegant and informal. This winter font is preferred when it comes to short phrases or accents with text. It’s also a really good font for seasonal marketing on Pinterest, Instagram stories, and even create graphics on Facebook for your winter offers or simply get-to-know me posts.

#2. Cinzel Decorative Canva Font

Cinzel Decorative display font to use this winter holiday in Canva.

The Cinzel Decorative font on Canva is the only Display font I chose for this list this go around. I’m not huge on display fonts in the winter, I feel as though any standard font paired with a script or handwriting looks better. Still, a display font can come in handy on occasion which is how this one managed to hop on my winter holiday list. This one screams more “Christmas” font or New Year than anything else, but can still be used to make easy-to-read designs for this colder time of year.

#3. Apricots Canva Font

Apricots handwriting font to use in Canva this holiday season.

Apricots is one of the most popular Canva fonts for the seasons – and for good reason. Apricots in Canva is one of the most diverse fonts to use and is suitable all year round, including winter. Apricots is a great thicker font to use on tees, promotional graphics, and prints. It pairs well with most standard fonts, making it a great accent or standalone.

#4. Rumba Canva Font

Rumba Canva script handwriting font to use this winter season.

Out of all these fonts, Rumba is probably one of the ones I like most but never get to actually use in my designs. Not that it doesn’t serve a purpose, but it just hadn’t found itself being used yet. Rumba is a great alternative to Golden when you’re looking for a script handwriting font that is a little bit playful yet still elegant enough for the winter holidays. It’s also a tad bit thicker, which makes it ideal for prints and cut designs.

#5. Twister Canva Font

Twister handwriting font in Canva.

A favorite for fun designs – and cozy sayings – the Twister Canva font is so underused in my opinion. It has so much potential when paired with small graphics such as snowflakes, sweaters, trees, and just small accents in winter. I don’t think it’s great when paired with standard fonts, but that’s just my personal opinion. So, the Twister font is a bit of a standalone when it comes to design. My favorite placement for Twister is for mug designs, cups, bags, and simple graphics for Instagram!

#6. Madelyn Canva Font

Madelyn font to use in Canva during the winter holidays.

Maybe it’s just me, the Madelyn font in Canva gives me sweater-wearing journal-writing vibes. Madelyn is a great font for short and sweet sayings, a font that is perfect for simple winter holiday designs and graphics. In Canva, Madelyn works well for stickers with white outlines and digital planners. It’s also a great font for designs for tees and some graphics if you’re in a physical product or ecommerce business.

BONUS FONTS: Christmas Fonts for Canva on Etsy

Most of the time, you can find the more “artsy” fonts for your designs on Etsy and easily upload them on Canva for your use (and most include free commercial licensing). Here are two of my favorite fonts for Christmas:

These two are my favorite Christmas fonts on Etsy that you can upload to Canva thanks to their fun designs! A lot of the fonts found in Canva are the traditional holiday winter fonts, Etsy gives you the fun side! Both Holiday and Christmas Kisses by KAFontDesigns deserve a spot in your brand kit.

Other Canva Fonts For Businesses:

Looking for more fonts to use in your designs for your marketing graphics, tee designs, SVGs, and more? Check out our other Canva collections:


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